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Together for the promotion of a sustainable energy



Lead Partner

ITEBE– Institut Technique Européen des bioénergies

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05/2003 - 05/2006

Date of Approval


Approx. Total Budget in €

2.009.300 €

ERDF in €

921.000 €

Project Summary

The main aim of the project is to gather and share knowledge and practices of professionals, local communities, and citizens of nine Alpine Space regions in the promotion of a natural local resource: wood-fuel. Precisely, develop actions to: - Have them know each other so that they work together - Put at their disposal the knowledge through an international web-server - Make this local energy known by the public - Set up a marketing campaign through the extension of the European wood energy Road© in the Alps - Study the feasibility of industrial structures of wood fuels production (firewood logs, chips and pellets) and promote them to deal with the demand of great national fuel distributors - Set up bases of professional trainings about this sustainable energy by using new communication technologies This project is a great opportunity for the regional contributors to confront their experiences and therefore to learn, progress, and contribute to a better physical management of the Alpine Space thanks to a renewable energy.

Project Objectives

The global aim of this project is to develop the resort to a natural local resource. The use of wood energy should permit to the Alpine space:
• A local development and creation of employment in rural areas (one job created for 1000m3 of wood used per year)
• A better upkeep of the rural space and landscapes
• The decrease of local pollution due to wood waste abandoned or burnt in open spaces
• An additional support to the wood sector in general
• An improvement of the energy self sufficiency of the regions
• An improvement of the dynamism of an economical sector with a strong indigene potential and creation of richness
• The respect of the Kyoto and Johannesburg summits involvements
• The fight against the green house effect
• Economy of fossil energy resources of the planet by substitution of renewable fuels

Project Achievements

• working together sharing experiences in the wood energy sector
• organizing professional meetings
• extending the European wood energy road
• self training and professional training
• putting the whole sector under the light
• renewing the methods and tools of buy-selling biofuels

Project Result Files


EU Project Partners

Agenzia per l’Energia della Stiria (Austria)
AIEL – Associazione Italiana Energia dal Legno (LEGNARO – PD) (Italy)
Associazione Slovena per le biomasse (Slovenia)
Camera per l’Agricoltura e le Foreste della Stiria (Austria)
Facoltà di Scienze Forestali Applicate (ROTTENBURG/NECKER) (Italy)
Istituto Forestale Sloveno (Slovenia)
Provincia di Biella (Italy)
Regione Lombardia – Dir. Gen. Agricoltura (Italy)
Veneto Agricoltura – Centro Vivaistico e per le Attività Fuori Foresta (Italy)

Non-EU Project Partners

Ufficio federale per l’Ambiente, le Foreste e il Paesaggio (Switzerland)

Contact Person

Bontoux, Jean Francois

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