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AlpFrail - Results

Shifting of alpine crossing freight transport from road to rail by innovative concepts.

Executive summary of the project

Solutions for the shift from road to rail - transnational network (available in EN - 8 pages)

AlpFRail_Solutions_for_the_shift_from_road_to_rail_-_transnational_network.pdf   2.0 M

Freight flow system - economic view

The documents provide an analysis of the modal shift and effects on environment and economy for both the actual and future scenario.

-Analisi del sistema produttivo veneto  - le implicazioni per il sistema ferroviario (available in IT - 6 pages)

-Studio di prefattibilitā di un collegamento ferroviario Venezia-Monaco per il trasporto merci (available in IT- 40 pages)

-Final report (available in EN - 24 pages)

AlpFrail_Analisi_del_sistema_produttivo_veneto__-_le_implicazioni_per_il_sistema_ferroviario.pdf   296 K
AlpFrail_Final_Report_WP5.pdf   10.5 M
AlpFrail_Studio_di_prefattibilita_di_un_collegamento_ferroviario_Venezia-Monaco_per_il_trasporto_merci.pdf   4.3 M

Freight flow system - technical view and SWOT analysis - Reports

The documents provide a synthesis and visualization of the technical data as well as an identification of weaknesses in the network.

-Freight flow system - technical view and SWOT analysis (available in EN - 15 pages)

-La rete ferroviaria del Nord Ovest al servizio dei porti liguri (available in IT - 62 pages)

AlpFrail_Freight_flow_system_-_technical_view_and_SWOT_analysis.pdf   591 K
AlpFrail_La_rete_ferroviaria_del_Nord_Ovest_al_servizio_dei_porti_liguri.pdf   1.3 M

Elaboration of an international freight flow concept - Reports

In these documents solutions for the identified weaknesses are highlighted and an evaluation of results (effects to economy and environment) are provided.

-Transport demand update and macroindicators for the AlpFRail space - 1st phase (available in EN - 58 pages)

-Assessment of the supply scenario (2015 and 2020) - 2nd phase (available in EN - 80 pages)

-Elaboration of an international Freight Flow Concept  (available in EN - 90 pages)

AlpFrail_Transport_demand_update_and_macroindicators_for_the_AlpFRail_space_-_1st_phase.pdf   3.6 M
AlpFrail_Elaboration_of_an_international_Freight_Flow_Concept.pdf   1.7 M
AlpFrail_Assessment_of_the_supply_scenario__2015_and_2020__-_2nd_phase.pdf   4.5 M

Modelisation, functional organisation, environmental impact and prototype

In the document the impact of the modal shift is calculated. In order to get an optimized concept for the complete freight flow and to evaluate the impact on the environment and the solution a simulation tool has been elaborated.

-Modelization, functional organization and environmental impact evaluation  (available in EN - 66 pages )

-Final report - documentation (available in EN - 102 pages)

AlpFrail_Final_Report_-_Documentation.pdf   5.5 M
AlpFRail_modelization-environmental_impact.pdf   3.3 M

Organisational model for the railway network and pilot evaluation - Reports

The documents provide some recommendations for the activation of a transalpine traffic network and they present a "carriage offer" which uses maximum railway relations and which is competitive to the road.

-Adriazug (available in EN - 174 pages)

-Aktionsplan Tauern-Bahn (available in EN - 268 pages)

-Western Network (available in EN - 41 pages)

-KV-Pilotrelation Netzplanung Betriebskonzept Kalkulation Western Network Band1 - Abschlussber (available in DE - 59 pages)

-KV-Pilotrelation-Netzplanung - Betriebskonzept-Kalkulation - Western Network Band2 - Anlagen (available DE - 215 pages)

-Organizational model for the railway network&pilot evaluation-Eastern Network (available in EN - 7 pages)

-Trailer train - complete report (available in DE - 185 pages)

-Train MaNu - complete report (avaqilable in EN - 70 pages)

AlpFrail_Aktionsplan_Tauern-Bahn.pdf   64 M
AlpFrail_Western_Network.pdf   4.7 M
AlpFrail_KV-Western_network-Band1.pdf   1.8 M
AlpFrail_KV-Western_network-Band2.pdf   6.9 M
AlpFrail_Organizational_model-Eastern_Network.pdf   227 K
AlpFrail_Trailer_train_-_complete_report.pdf   10.6 M
AlpFrail_Train_MaNu_complete_report.pdf   3.5 M

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