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Terraced landscapes of the alpine arc



Lead Partner

Regione Veneto

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12/2004 - 03/2008

Date of Approval


Approx. Total Budget in €

1.263.650 €

ERDF in €

652.075 €

Project Summary

The agricultural terracements are a form of land use common to many regions of the alpine area, where they identify similar morphological and cultural traits. Ignored by scientific research and government institutions for a long time, terracements have been studied only after their abandon and decay caused the first unexpected and harmful damages. The Interreg Project ‘ALPTER’ originates from the request, coming from both the population and the institutions, to contrast the abandon of agricultural terraced areas. It is a problem of great span, having consequences like loss of productive land and increase of geological risk, damage to bio-diversity and to cultural heritage; it is a problem so much disturbing to deserve attention of international organizations like UNESCO and FAO. Working in areas all over the Alps, from Slovenian Brda to French Alpes Maritimes, the project will collect territorial knowledge, develop innovative technologies and realize examples of productive recovery. The aim is to promote recovery on large scale and encourage the inhabitants to a sustainable management of their territory. With the same aim a network will be built, linking the different subjects interested in this topic, to promote exchange of knowledge and active cooperation.

Project Objectives

Definition of a common protocol for analysing and monitoring terraced landscapes, comprehensive of different approaches (territorial, hydro-geologic, cultural, socio-economic) - Exploration of new scenarios for development of terraced alpine areas, endangered by abandon and depopulation - Awareness-rising both in the institutions and in the population about the alpine territory and its particular cultural heritage, - Development of a long-term recovery action, involving the government institution and the inhabitants in re-use of abandoned terrain - Prevention againts natural risk

Project Achievements

- ‘Atlas of the terraced landscapes’, a book to present the problem of terracements through the results of project researches - ‘Handbook for recovery of agricultural terraces’, a publication to offer solutions to stakeholders of the agricultural sector - Technical plans of recovery for valuable areas all over the alpine region - 5 pilot works of recovery that will produce examples of productive re-use of terracements - ‘Network of the terraced landscapes’, internet-based, to promote synergies among different subjects interested in recovery of abandoned areas

Project Result Files


EU Project Partners

A.D.I. - Association for Information Geographical Development (France)
BOKU UNIVERSITY – Inst. of Landscape Development, Recreation and Conservation Planning (Austria)
I.R.E.A.L.P. – Institute for Research on Ecology and Economy of the Alpine area (Italy)
REGIONE LIGURIA – Spatial, Landscape and Environment Planning Department (Italy)
REGIONE VALLE D’AOSTA – Agriculture, Natural Resources and Land Protection Dept (Italy)
REGIONE VENETO – Urban Planning and Natural Heritage Department (Italy)
UNIVERSITY OF LJUBLJANA – Faculty of Architecture (Slovenia)

Non-EU Project Partners

Regione Bregaglia (Switzerland)

Contact Person

Fabris, Vincenzo

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