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Knowledge Network Forestry in the Alpine Space



Lead Partner

Forstliche Versuchs und Forschungsanstalt Baden-Württemberg

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07/2004 - 06/2007

Date of Approval


Approx. Total Budget in €

1.972.100 €

ERDF in €

812.675 €

Project Summary

The establishment of a strong and wide partner-network in forestry of the Alpine Space disposed to a user-oriented, comprehensive knowledge transfer and exchange between research and practice (and vice versa) is the main objective of the KnowForAlp-initiative. Amongst others, a communication platform as well as information- und training services will be established. The development of innovative measures and instruments for a transnational knowledge transfer is based upon: 1. A detailed inventory & analysis of the hitherto existing knowledge transfer and the evaluation of successful initiatives and strategies, with the focus upon „Best-practices“ and „Stories of success“. 2. The determination of the actual need for information and the expectations and/or requirements for the organisation of the knowledge transfer on the part of the end-users („end user demands“) and the transnational consolidation, harrmonisation, and amendment of existing national initiatives. 3. The development of a joint internet-based communication platform which is used for an allocation and provision of existing practical knowledge and know-how as well as a common basis for exchange and cooperation among experts from practice and theory. 4. Pilot measures and services, which will be conjointly developed by practicioners and researchers from all alpine countries (Workshops, training, conferences, exchange programs etc.), and will bring together researchers, practicioners, decision makers and administrative staff in forestry to allow for a constant and sustainable transboundary knowledge exchange. Mutual meetings of all involved partners ensure the success of the measures and guarantee a high quality standard of these services.

Project Objectives

The exchange of knowledge & know-how between research, practice and administration produces synergies concerning the coverage of transnational challenges and problems (e.g. the accomplishment of natural hazards, initiatives in environmental / natural protection, marketing of goods and services in forestry, climate change) and improves the skills and competence of decision makers in forestry. In the long run, a strenghtening of the autonomy and problem-solving capacities of decision makers in the field of forest ecosystem management will be achieved; and the operating efficiency of forest enterprises and the forest sector will be positively affected.

Project Achievements

Project Result Files


EU Project Partners

Bayerische Landesanstalt für Wald und Forstwirtschaft (Germany)
Bayerische Staatsforstverwaltung (Germany)
Bayerischer Waldbesitzerverband e.V. (Germany)
Cemagref Ecosystèmes et Paysages de Montagne (France)
Forstkammer Baden-Württemberg (Germany)
Forstverein Baden-Württemberg (Germany)
Gozdarski institut Slovenije/Slovenian Forestry Institute (Slovenia)
Istituto Sperimentale per l'Assestamento Forestale e per l'Alpicoltura (Italy)
Landesforstverwaltung Baden-Württemberg (Germany)
Österreichische Bundesforste AG (Austria)
Österreichisches Bundesamt und Forschungszentrum für Wald (Austria)
Präsidentenkonferenz der Landwirtschaftskammern Österreich (Austria)
Slovenia Forest Service (Slovenia)

Non-EU Project Partners

Amt für Wald, Natur und Landschaft (Liechtenstein)
Eidgenössische Forschungsanstalt für Wald, Schnee & Landschaft (Switzerland)
Schweizerischer Forstverein (Switzerland)
Silviva: Für Umweltbildung und Wald (Switzerland)
Verband der Waldbesitzer /Waldwirtschaft Schweiz (Switzerland)

Contact Person

von Teuffel, Konstantin

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