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Priority 3, Measure 2

Good management and promotion of landscapes and cultural heritage

This measure aims at promoting the good management of natural and cultural landscapes and the cultural heritage through transnational cooperation in conservation and creative further development. In fact these assets are never static but underlie the social and economic development. In particular in the Alpine Space they form a rich potential for sustainable tourism but also contribute considerably to the local and regional identity. The wise management of natural and cultural landscapes as well as of the cultural heritage as potential sources for a sustainable tourism is subject of two studies of the European Commission on integrated quality management of tourist destinations.

The general objectives of this measure are the following:

to improve connectivity, conservation and management of ecosystems and traditionally used cultural landscapes;
to support landscape conservation and the use of traditional regional products and their manufacturing to stop land abandonment;
to protect and improve the cultural heritage through collection and exchange of information, data and documentation;
to maintain and develop the regional diversity of cultural assets and to promote an active exchange in the various fields of the cultural heritage;
to maintain and manage typical landscape features referring to both, the natural and cultural heritage e.g. traditional settlements and buildings, historical routes, fortresses, etc. and implementing the European Landscape Convention.

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