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Monitoring the Alpine Regions' Sustainability



Lead Partner

BAK Basel Economics

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07/2001 - 06/2005

Date of Approval


Approx. Total Budget in €

1.345.000 €

ERDF in €

312.500 €

Project Summary

Development of a database with up to now in this form not developed, yet indicators for monitoring sustainable development of the Alpine Space and all its regions at the NUTS2 level. Analysis of the results as a basis for the formulation of policy recommendation with respect to the promotion of the Alpine Space as a competitive and attractive living and economic space in the scope of a polycentric spatial development. Establishment of an information and communication platform with respect to issues of monitoring and promotion of sustainable development in the Alpine Space and its regions within the projects steering committee and with the presentation and dissemination of the final results of the project with free access for a broad public in the regions of project partners. Broadening and deepening of this platform with the objective of the permanent establishment, further development and update of MARS without help from the ERDF after the termination of the project.

Project Objectives

MARS intends the creation of an information and communication platform during the project phase with meetings, presentations through information on the homepage and newsletters and the establishment of a permanent platform for regional sustainability without support of the European regional fund.
It also wants to elaborate a database with appropriate indicators, comparative data for every region and appropriate methods of aggregation and integration. The most important data should be communicated also to the public through a website.
On the basis of the project results political recommendations for actions can be derived.

Project Achievements

During the MARS project Information and communication has taken place among the partners and research institutes (including several meetings and workshops) and partly with the public. Databases have been elaborated and the results are being published.
The following indicators have been finally chosen and calculated:
- economy: Economic Performance (Real GDP, Real GDP per capita), Labour Market Participation (Employment-to-population ratio, Working time, Gender-specific employment, Gender-specific employment-to-population ratio), Productivity and Competitiveness (Real hourly productivity of labour), Economic Structure (Value added in the five driver sectors, Employment in the five driver sectors, Productivity in the five driver sectors)
- environment: Domestic extraction, Physical trade balance, Domestic material consumption, Domestic resource dependency, Domestic processed output, Final Energy consumption, Total primary energy consumption, CO2 equivalent emissions, Water extraction, Case study: Ecological Footprint
- society: Demography (Demographic structure, Migration, Foreigners), Unemployment (Standardised unemployment rate, Long-term unemployment, Youth unemployment, Gender-specific unemployment), Poverty/Income distribution (Poverty rate, Income distribution), Health (Life expectancy at birth, Years of potential life lost, Life expectancy at age 65), Safety (Criminal offences), Participation/social capital (Local agenda 21 processes, Voter turnout, Political participation, Social participation, Social contacts, Family network), Education (Qualification of employment / of population, Patent applications)
The MARS Report 2005 (including all data, methodological procedures and data sources) has been published.

Project Result Files


EU Project Partners

Amt der Burgenländischen Landesregierung (Austria)
Amt der Kärntner Landesregierung, Abt. 15 Umweltschutz und Technik (Austria)
Amt der Salzburger Landesregierung (Austria)
Amt der Tiroler Landesregierung, Abt. Raumordnung – Statistik (Austria)
Amt der Vorarlberger Landesregierung, Abt. V I a - Allg. Wirtschaftsangelegenheiten (Austria)
Amt der Vorarlberger Landesregierung, Büro für Zukunftsfragen (Austria)
Bayerisches Landesamt für Umweltschutz (Germany)
Bundesministerium für Land- und Forstwirtschaft, Umwelt und Wasserwirtschaft (Austria)
Conseil Régional d'Alsace (France)
Giunta Regionale del Veneto (Italy)
Landesagentur für Umwelt und Arbeitsschutz (Italy)
Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, National Office for Spatial Planning (Slovenia)
Oberösterreichische Akademie für Umwelt und Natur (Austria)
Oberösterreichische Technologie- und Marketinggesellschaft m.b.H (Austria)
Ökologische Landentwicklung Steiermark (Austria)
Provincia Autonoma di Trento (Italy)
Regione Liguria (Italy)
Regione Piemonte - Direzione Pianificazione e Gestione Urbanistica (Italy)
Stadt Wien, Magistratsabteilung 22 – Umweltschutz (Austria)
Wirtschaftsministerium Baden-Württemberg (Germany)

Non-EU Project Partners

Contact Person

Koellreuther, Christoph

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