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Natural space analysis for alpine mountain areas for a cooperative development of a preventive safety and risk management system for natural hazards



Lead Partner

Office of the Tyrolean Regional Government – Regional Forestry Commission

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03/2003 - 03/2007

Date of Approval


Approx. Total Budget in €

1.450.000 €

ERDF in €

644.500 €

Project Summary

The increasing frequency of natural disasters in Europe is indicative of a clear need for action in the field of risk management. In the future, integrated strategies will play a central role in the sustainable protection of the Alpine region.The goal of NAB is to achieve intensive cooperation between the various disciplines and administrative levels in order to develop an innovative land use management regime targeted at sustainable risk mitigation for natural hazards. The project will produce a transnational procedure combining the different sectoral risk assessment methods in place in the various regions. A general area assessment of the effects of site, vegetation cover, and land use on protection against flooding, erosion and mudslides will serve to develop harmonised handbooks and maps for transnational action in support of the protection-based management. An Internet-supported information system will provide general access to project data and will also serve as the basis for a transnational knowledge network. Application of the resulting process by public administrations will constitute practical implementation of the project results for the authorities.

Project Objectives

Co-operative development of enhanced procedures for analysis of the natural space with transnational standards for prediction, periodical assessment of the status quo as a basis for regional/local risk management Jointly developed guidelines on optimised land use combining findings related to site, vegetation, water regime, land use and hazard potential. Exchange of data and information with current projects (e.g. CatchRisk in Lombardy, NaiS in Switzerland)Internet-based information system for a transnational knowledge transfer network and public dissemination of results

Project Achievements

Optimisation of standardised and transnationally harmonised assessment procedures for slope and channel processes as well as transport processes in catchments at the regional and local levels. The necessary field works in the testing areas (Austria, Bavaria, Slovenia are in progress. An intensive exchange of experience and information is going on.GIS-based site modeling (development of a forest site map and a working manual for the process-oriented management of protection forests) in Italy and Tyrol is still in progress. 2004 will 4 areas completed. 2 Maps and manuals are completed.The Development of target types for the process-oriented management of protection forests using standardised analysis and planning tools will continue. A first proposal is ready and the experts discussion (workshops) is in progress.

Project Result Files


EU Project Partners

Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, the Environment and Water Resources (Austria)
Bavarian State Institute of Foresty (Germany)
Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Landesentwicklung und Umweltfragen - Bavarian Ministery for Land Reclamation and Environmental Issues (Germany)
Regione Lombardia, Direzione Terriotrio Urbanistica, Sistema Informativo Territoriale (Italy)
Torrent and Erosion Control Service (Slovenia)
Tyrolean Section of the Forestry Service for Mountain Torrent and Avalanche Control (Austria)

Non-EU Project Partners

Kanton Graubünden (Switzerland)

Contact Person

Ziegner, Kurt

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