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Quality of life improvement by supporting public and private services in the rural areas of the Alps



Lead Partner

Regione Veneto – Direzione Commercio

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The project is finalised and you can download the results


04/2003 - 07/2006

Date of Approval


Approx. Total Budget in €

2.345.781 €

ERDF in €

945.000 €

Project Summary

During the meetings the working group has defined that in the rural areas of the Alps there are the some mutual problems to be quickly faced. These areas suffer a huge loss of competitiveness due to demographic and economic phenomena that endangers the anthropomorphisation and the quality level of life in the rural mountain zones. The green book on the commerce (1996, CE) stated that the local commerce constitutes an efficient system in order to reduce the risk of marginalisation of the rural populations. In these areas public, sanitary and healthcare services, commercial activities are progressively disappearing. These services generally represent the last garrison to maintain an acceptable quality of life’s levels and, by means of this, the conservation of the territory. The project proposes to carry out co-ordinated area systems which strengthen the existing structural and infra-structural networks matching them with human resources and territorial potentialities. This goal should be realized by the creation of multifunctional sites or movable services managed with innovative modalities and supported by ICT applications such as e-commerce, e-government, and including dedicated delivering modalities.

Project Objectives

The goal of the project is to contrast the process of marginalization and depopulation of the rural areas of the Alps, so it wants to face this situation defining an innovative approach of goods and services supply and management. This kind of approach will be achieved by means of these main activities: 1) Context analysis which will lead to a deeper understanding of the situation. 1a) Economic situation; 1b) Goods and services actual supply/demand, existent logistic nets, existent activities/structures, public institutions which can be involved, ...; 1c) SWOT analysis; 2) Spreading of project contents and involvement of the population and economic operators: 2.1) Test of population needs and expectations; 2.2) Sensitization of economic and public operators (contacts and cooperation hypotesys); 3) Model proposal: 3.1) Creation of innovative intervention models to revitalize the territory, from an economic point of view as well as for public and healthcare services offer, by means of multifuntional centers: such models will have to guarantee an economic sustainable mix and detailed indications regarding economical, legal and organisational aspects; 3.2) definition of consequent training courses for polyfunctional centers managers. 4) Implementation: 4a) Covenants/agreements with different public and private services/goods and possible logistic support suppliers; 4b) Creation of a dedicated network; 4c) Infrastructural fitting of existing premises; 4d) Multifunctional centers starting up; 5) Checking and spreading of the results.

Project Achievements

Expected results: A) Making population use of public/healthcare services easier; B) Guaranteeing necessaries goods supply; C) Reducing residents moving needs from rural areas to the bottom of the valleys or to town; D) Promoting new employment opportunities; E) Giving to local population the possibility of a friendly/supported using of ICT. All these results should lead to improve life quality level and, as a consequence, to oppose population drift and to support territory preservation.

Project Result Files


EU Project Partners

APB: Autonome Provinz Bozen (Italy)
CM Valtellina di Morbegno: Regione Lombardia (Italy)
CM Valtellina di Morbegno: Regione Lombardia (Italy)
Direzione Centrale delle Risorse agricole, naturali e forestali - Servizio per la montagna Regione FVG (Italy)
GAL Appennino Genovese: Regione Liguria (Italy)
Provincia Autonoma di Trento - Regione Trentino Alto Adige (Italy)
Regionalforum Pongau (Austria)
Regione Piemonte - Direzione Artigianato e Commercio (Italy)
RRA Severne Primorske Regijska Razvojna Agencija DOO Nova Gorica (Slovenia)

Non-EU Project Partners

Comuni valle Blenio (Switzerland)
Haute Ecole Valaisanne Groupe de competénce économie et tourisme (Switzerland)
Ticino Informatica (Switzerland)

Contact Person

Niero, Giancarla

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