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ClimChAlp - Results

Climate Change, Impacts and Adaptation Strategies in the Alpine Space


Results of the RAFVG/University of Trieste research on „The perception of climate changes by population“ have been compiled in this publication (available in EN and IT - 150 pages).

The_perception_of_climate_changes_by_population_EN.pdf   579 K
La_percezione_dellle_variazioni_climatichi_nella_popolazione_IT.pdf   643 K


The book compiles the main observations and impacts of climate change in the Piedmont region and discusses future scenarios and strategies (available in IT- 163 pages).

Il_Piemonte_nel_cambiamento_climatico.pdf   4.8 M

Common Strategic Paper

The document provides a comprehensive overview of the project's structure, main objectives and results including the strategic recommendations for decision makers developed by the partnership (available in EN, FR, DE, IT, SI - 17 pages)

ClimChAlp_Common_Strategic_Paper_EN_brochure.pdf   1.7 M
ClimChAlp_Common_Strategic_Paper_FR_brochure.pdf   1.5 M
ClimChAlp_Common_Strategic_Paper_DE_brochure.pdf   1.5 M
ClimChAlp_Common_Strategic_Paper_IT_brochure.pdf   1.6 M
ClimChAlp_Common_Strategic_Paper_SI_brochure.pdf   1.7 M

Extended Scientific Report

The detailed scientific results of the single Work Packages have been compiled in the Extended Scientific Final Report (ESFR). Due to the vast amount of informations and because of the file size the ESFR was separated into 4 chapters, according to the structure of the Work Packages. Furthermore

Work Package 5 has been divided into a report on Climate Change Scenarios and a report on resulting Natural Hazards (available in EN -  9 - 550 pages).

ClimChAlp_-_ESFR_Introduction.pdf   428 K
ClimChAlp_-_Work_Package_5_Report_Climate.pdf   6.0 M
ClimChAlp_-_Work_Package_5_Report_Natural_Hazards.pdf   24 M
ClimChAlp_-_Work_Package_6_Report.pdf   10.0 M
ClimChAlp_-_Work_Package_7_Report.pdf   22 M
ClimChAlp_-_Work_Package_8_Report.pdf   2.0 M



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