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CRAFTS - Results

Develop synergies between traditional arts & crafts of the Alpine Space and tourism to promote local micro-economy.

Arts and Craftmanship from tradition to new materials

The document illustrates the various handicraft activities of Genoa and its surrounding area that the LAG has safeguarded thanks to the CRAFTS Project (available in EN and IT - 32 pages)

Crafts_Arts_and_Craftmanship_from_tradition_to_new_materials.pdf   677 K

Eco-museum in Champorcher

A very nice brochure presenting the activities of the museum located in the Aosta Valley.

(available in EN, FR and IT - 160 pages)

Eco-museum in Champorcher-front page
   202 K

Eco-museum in Champorcher-text
   6.1 M

Among wood-shavings and looms - the quality crafts in the mountains in Friuli

The study is dedicated to the traditional arts and crafts in Friuli and aims at individuating particular elements to facilitate the definiton of specific regional law on quality arts&crafts.

(short version available in EN - 16 pages)

(full version available in IT - 128 pages)

Crafts_Among_wood-shavings_and_looms_EN_.pdf   241 K
Among_wood-shavings_and_looms_IT.pdf   747 K

Going to shop school

A manual on the possibility to transfer the training model of the Shop school. In addition, it offers an overview and an analysis on local laws on professional training. This manual gives an idea on what it means to be an artisan and what are the professional requirements.

(available in EN and IT - 324 pages)

Crafts_Going_to_shop_school.pdf   2.0 M

Canavese, a place to discover

Route in Curtem Canavam- Design, plan and experimentation of a tourist itinerary that re-discovers and enhances - among the usable resources present in the Canavese area (Piedmont) - quality and outstanding craftsmanship.

Crafts_Canavese_support_booklet__pag_1.jpg   513 K
Crafts_Canavese_support_booklet_pag_2.jpg   344 K   3.1 M   3.7 M   6.9 M

Samples of achieved panels

Panels presenting the CRAFTS project to have an immediate idea on local typical arts&crafts activities that characterise Sutrio (IT):

Crafts_Informative_panels_plexiglass_A.jpg   577 K
Crafts_Informative_panels_B.pdf   837 K
Crafts_Picture_panel_pvc_C.jpg   419 K
Crafts_Metal_plates_D.jpg   589 K
Crafts_Iron_banner_and_wood_panel_1.jpg   605 K
Crafts_Iron_banner_and_wood_panel_2.jpg   423 K
Crafts_Iron_banner_and_wood_panel_3.jpg   420 K

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