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CulturALP - Results

The project is addressed to the historical settlements system of the Alpine area, which constitute a heritage of importance for both, the local cultures and for the European identity.

Result booklets:

The result booklets provide with a detailed description of the different steps of project implementation.

(50 pages, multilingual: EN, DE, FR, IT)
   1.6 M

A Decision Support System for the Alpine Cultural Heritage (38 pages, multilingual: EN, DE, FR, IT)
   43 M

(60 pages, multilingual: EN, DE, FR, IT)
   5.5 M

(44 pages, multilingual: EN, DE, FR, IT)
   3.1 M

(95 pages, multilingual: EN,DE, FR, IT)
   2.8 M

Case Studies:

Concise fact sheets featuring the main characteristcs of the case studies in the patrner regions.

(2 pages each, available in EN)

CulturAlp_Case_study_Fruli_Venezia_Gulia.pdf   21 K
CulturAlp_Case_study_Graub_nden.pdf   21 K
CulturAlp_Case_study_Lombardia.pdf   26 K
CulturAlp_Case_study_Nieder_sterreich.pdf   29 K
CulturAlp_Case_study_Piemonte.pdf   25 K
CulturAlp_Case_study_Provence_Alpes_C_te_d_Azur.pdf   25 K
CulturAlp_Case_study_Valle_d__Aosta.pdf   24 K

Phases of project methodology:

CulturAlp_Phase_1_Definition_STR_model___identification_.pdf   28 K
CulturAlp_Phase_2_Interpretation_of_the_model.pdf   25 K
CulturAlp_Phase_3_Formulation_of_integrated_policies.pdf   19.8 K
CulturAlp_Phase_4_Indicators.pdf   53 K

Pilot Areas

Description of 21 Pilot Areas. Fact sheets with an outline of the pilot areas.

(1-3 pages each, available in EN)

CulturAlp_FVG_Orias.pdf   41 K
CulturAlp_Graub_nden_Cinuos.pdf   145 K
CulturAlp_Graub_nden_Lumbrein.pdf   105 K
CulturAlp_Graub_nden_Poschiavo.pdf   94 K
CulturAlp_Graub_nden_Tschlin.pdf   97 K
CulturAlp_Graub_nden_scattered_objetcs.pdf   337 K
CulturAlp_Lombardia_Chiavenna.pdf   66 K
CulturAlp_Lombardia_Erbonne.pdf   89 K
CulturAlp_Lombardia_Valle_Camonica.pdf   91 K
CulturAlp_Lombarida_Sostila.pdf   201 K

CulturAlp_Nieder_sterreich_Baden.pdf   1.2 M
CulturAlp_Nieder_sterreich_Rets.pdf   226 K
CulturAlp_Nieder_sterreich_Weitra.pdf   180 K
CulturAlp_Nieder_sterreich_Zwettl.pdf   367 K
CulturAlp_PACA_Brantes.pdf   173 K
CulturAlp_PACA_Embrun.pdf   284 K
CulturAlp_PACA_Molines.pdf   231 K
CulturAlp_Piemonte_Bussoleno.pdf   133 K
CulturAlp_Piemonte_Chiomonte.pdf   100 K

CulturAlp_VDA_Perloz.pdf   82 K
CulturAlp_VDA_Pontboset.pdf   206 K

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