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DIS-ALP - Results

DIS-ALP - to focus on the solution of event documentation and the information gap about natural disasters.

Final Report

Presents the results of the DIS-ALP project and the metodologies used for event documentation. The report contains the description of the DIS-ALP Web-portal, a tool realised to provide an exchange platform for experts, planning institutions and the interested public on disaster events in alpine regions and on related background information (“knowledge”).

(available in EN - 96 pages)

DIS-ALP_Final_Report.pdf   4.7 M

Natural Hazards Event Documentation Silent Witnesses

This manual for the documentation of natural disasters is designed to be a handout for courses as well as a reference book for field work. Besides some organisational principles and elements of an optimal documentation, the most important phenomena of floods/debris flows, landslides/slope-type debris flows, rockfall processes and snow avalanches are explained and illustrated with numerous photographs. (available in DE- 64 pages)

DIS-ALP_Dokumentation_von_Naturereignissen_Feldanleitung.pdf   3.0 M

Event Platform

Event platform (map) and ontology online access:

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