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FORALPS - Results

Contributions for a sustainable management of environmental resources, in particular water, from meteorology and climatology

Technical Reports:

A collection of 12 scientific publications based upon the cooperation of meteo services in the Western Alps and focusing on pilot areas in Alpine valleys

FORALPS_A_radar-based_climatology_of_convective_activity_Veneto.pdf   9.3 M
FORALPS_Agriculture_and_climate_change_evaluation_improved_forecasts.pdf   2.1 M
FORALPS_Data_quality_control_procedures.pdf   626 K
FORALPS_Forecast_verification.pdf   7.0 M
FORALPS_Guide_to_the_WRF_numerical_weather_verification_model.pdf   407 K
FORALPS_Hydrological_processes_on_the_land_surface.pdf   1.9 M

FORALPS_Monitoring_of_the_hydrological_cycle_in_an_Alpine_basin_PAT.pdf   5.4 M
FORALPS_Onset_and_evolution_of_deep_moist_convection.pdf   2.8 M
FORALPS_Portable__low_cost_X-band_radar_for_rainfall_estimation.pdf   6.1 M
FORALPS_Spatial_interpolation_of_surface_weather_observations_FVG.pdf   5.0 M
FORALPS_Stage-discharge_relationships_in_open_channels.pdf   1.5 M
FORALPS_Verification_and_skill_assessment_of_forecasts.pdf   14.2 M

FORALPS booklets:

Focusing on the availability of water in the Alps and possible impacts due to climate change (36 pages, available in EN, DE, IT)

FORALPS_EN.pdf   4.4 M
FORALPS_DE.pdf   5.6 M
FORALPS_IT.pdf   1.5 M

FORALPS conference booklets:

The first project conference was held in autumn 2006 in Ljubljana, the second one in Salzburg in winter 2007 (59 and 49 pages, available in EN)

FORALPS_booklet_first_conference.pdf   8.2 M
FORALPS_booklet_second_conference.pdf   569 K

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