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Development of innovative measures and instruments for a transnational knowledge transfer in forestry.

KnowForAlp forestxchange conference abstracts

The international conference in Freiburg, Germany, (25 - 27 Oct. 2006) addressed Knowledge Management issues in forestry. The conference offered new theoretical approaches for transferring practical experiences from other disciplines of knowledge management to forestry (available in EN - 61 p.)

KnowForAlp_Abstracts_ForestXchange_Conference.pdf   2.3 M

Multifunctional Forest Management in Natura 2000 Sites

The international workshop in Kočevje/Mašun, Slovenia (October 2006) focus on the contributions on management of mountain forests in Natura 2000.

The publication includes contributions to the scientific debate and analysis on the status of implementation of the Habitats and the Bird Directives in forests. (available in EN - 49 p.)

Multifunctional_forest_management_in_natura_2000_sites_1.pdf   5.8 M

KnowForAlp web platform is an open platform which aims at collecting knowledge and results from research and experimental institutions. It is run by forestry experts for forestry experts in order to guarantee "quality, up-to-date information on forests, man and forest management".

The website provides condensed, edited information on a wide range of topics available for the first time in five languages (German, English, French, Italian, and Slovenian).


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