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Living Space Network - Results

The project intends to open up new cross-border paths. Over 60 experts from widely varying specialist sectors and countries are working together on the project.

Living Space Network Results "Running waters":

Project Handbook on management of cross frontier running waters: the example of the Lech river

(available in IT and DE, 37 pages - summary in EN)

LSN_Handbook_for_Running_Waters_DE.pdf   2.5 M
LSN_Handbook_for_Running_Waters_IT.pdf   2.5 M

Case studies and Pilot projects:

- Management plan for the Ranzertal with its Annex (available in DE, 125 pages)

- Report on optimisation methods for withdrrawing water from the Lech river for snow canons (available in DE, 52 pages)

- Management plan for Vils-Lände with its Annex (available in DE, 127 pages)

- Concept for protecting the gravel nesting birds on the Halblceh, with information campaign - boards and posters. (available in DE, 26 pages)

- Lechfloß (timber float) project & poster: youth sensibilisation campaign with over 100 stops - conferences, nature trails etc... (available in DE. 2 pages each)

LSN_report_Ranzental_management_plan_DE.pdf   525 K
LSN_report_Ranzental_Annex_DE.pdf   78 K
LSN_report_on_LECH_water_use_for_art._snow_DE.PDF   1.7 M
LSN_report_L_nde_management_plan_DE.pdf   522 K
LSN_report_L_nde_Annex_DE.pdf   57 K
LSN_report_Halblech_protection_concept_DE.pdf   11.1 M
LSN_Lechflo__Project_2005.pdf   3.1 M

Living Space Network Results "Bats protection":

Project Handbook for a coordinated management and protection of bats in the Alpine Space

(available in DE and IT, 35 pages - summary in EN)

LSN_Handbook_for_Bats_Protection_DE.pdf   5.0 M
LSN_Handbook_for_Bats_Protection_IT.pdf   5.0 M

Case studies:

- Manual for house sanitation of bats in the Alps (available in DE, 150 pages)

- Report on methods for the monitoring of bats in the Tessin (available in DE and IT, 16 pages)

- Report on measure for the protection of the lesser mouse-eared bat in the Northern Alpine Rhine valley (available in DE, 77 pages)

- Report on the measures for the protection of the lesser horseshoe bat in Bavaria (available in DE, 23 pages)

LSN_Bats_Sanitation_Manual_DE.pdf   5.1 M
LSN_Report_on_bats_monitoring_DE_IT.pdf   1.8 M
LSN_report_on_lesser_mouse-eared_bat_DE.pdf   51 M
LSN_report_lesser_horseshoe_bat_bavaria_DE.pdf   23 M

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