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Harmonising terminology in the four main languages of the Alpine countries to foster supranational communication.

LexALP Harmonising Legal Terminology:

The Alpine States made a conscious and courageous choice in 1991 when drafting the Convention on the Protection of the Alps: the Frame Convention and all its Implementation Protocols have four official versions (in French, German, Italian and Slovene) to ensure equal treatment of all Alpine languages. This publication describes the motivations for such choice as well as the ensuing consequences. It contains background articles on the multilingual access to legal information and the authentication of international treaties in several languages (available in EN, 112 pages).

Harmonising_Legal_Terminology_EN.pdf   1.0 M

LexAlp seminar proceedings:

"Normazione, armonizzazione e pianificazione linguistica"

"Normierung, Harmonisierung und Sprachplanung"

"Normalisation, harmonisation et planification linguistique"

The articles in this booklet provide an insight on multilingualism in the Alps with a focus on legal terms (available in DE, F and IT 128 pages).

Seminar_proceedings_DE__F__IT.pdf   1.5 M

LexALP’s final goal consisted in harmonising the French, German, Italian and Slovene legal terminology used by the Alpine Convention in the core fields of spatial planning and sustainable development, as well as providing all those involved in cross-border communication with a wider range of online language resources so as to guarantee clarity and consistency of quadrilingual terminology use in supranational Alpine matters. The project thus aimed at fostering collaboration among the Alpine countries for a balanced social, economic and cultural development in the Alpine Arc.

To achieve this goal, the terminology of three supranational systems (Alpine Convention, EU law, International law) and of six national Alpine legal systems (Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Switzerland) was compared. The harmonisation of the quadrilingual terminology was discussed within the Harmonising Group. (Link to the list of membershttp://

During the project also an online corpus of approximately

  1. Conservation of nature, landscape protection, protected areas, protection of fauna, environmental protection (soil protection, waste, pollution), water protection;
  2. Transport (transport policy, rail and road transport, transport of goods and passengers...)
  3. Regional economic development (tourism, energy)
  4. Rural areas (agriculture, forests...)

The main target groups are

Legal experts, public officials, technical writers, translators, interpreters and all those who deal with transnational and transborder Alpine matters.

The user guide to the LexALP Information system is available here (link -

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