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MONITRAF - Results

MONITRAF: Synthesis report on activities and outputs

This document provides with a good overview of the project activities and achievements. It is based on the following structure. First the traffic and its related effects in the alpine area are analysed, leading to the setting up of an indicator framework. Current state of the art and future developments are described, followed by the description a MONITRAF monitoring system. The need for common measures alpine wide is underlined and concretised with a common resolution of the partner regions. (available in EN, DE, FR, IT -49 pages)

MONITRAF_synthesis__report_EN.pdf   6.0 M
MONITRAF_synthesis_report_DE.pdf   5.7 M
MONITRAF_synthesis_report_FR.pdf   6.0 M
MONITRAF_synthesis_report_IT.pdf   6.5 M

MONITRAF resolution on common measures of the partners

This is the joint statement which was signed by the political representatives of the Monitraf partners at the occasion of the final conference on January 21st 2008 in Innsbruck. Basis for this resolution was a analysis of common measures covering the following aspects: a common monitoring system; common proposals for traffic regulation on transit corridors; modal shift and internalisation of external costs; innovative instruments for controlling alpine freight traffic. Appended: the report, the resolution and a background paper. (all available in EN - resp. 80, 3 and 4 pages)

MONITRAF_Final_report_common_measures__WP10_.pdf   1.7 M
MONITRAF_resolution_final_conference_22.01.08.pdf   110 K
MONITRAF_background_paper_final_resolution.pdf   505 K

MONITRAF Didactic material on common measures to monitor traffic related impacts in the Alps

This document has a pedagogic aim. It may be used by administrations to sensibilise the gerneral public, or by teachers for schools and students. It is structured in 5 chapter: 1. presentation of the Interreg Initiative, the Alpine Space Programme and the Monitraf Project; 2. Quality of life and sustainable development; 3. The Alps a sensitive region, 4. The goods transportation through the Alps and its impacts and finally, 5. possible common measures. (available in DE, IT, FR - 53 pages)

MONITRAF_Didactic_Material_DE.pdf   2.6 M
MONITRAF_Didactic_Material_FR.pdf   2.5 M
MONITRAF_Didactic_Material_IT.pdf   2.5 M

MONITRAF summary of "fundamentals" on road traffic related effects

MONITRAF summary of "fundamentals" (WP5) on road traffic related effects on the Alpine Space from the sustainable point of view. The project analysed the Alpine wide road traffic and its interactions with environment, economy (tourism) and the social framework. (available in EN - 26 pages). ZIP file containing all the studies perfomed on the issues analysed within WP5 can be dowloaded (most of the studies are both in EN and DE).

MONITRAF_Road_traffic_related_effects__WP5_.pdf   807 K   18.5 M

MONITRAF indicators: selection, definition and harmonisation

(WP6 and 7)

Analysis of the data and indicators in the partner regions was perfomed within WP6 of the project. (available in EN - 10 pages)

Analysis of the methodology for the definition of a set of indicators for measuring sustainability of transport development, report of WP7 (available in EN - 69 pages)

MONITRAF_Indicators_Selection_Definition_Harmonisation__WP7_.pdf   1.7 M
MONITRAF_Analysis_State_of_the_Art_Partner_Regions__WP6_report_.pdf   82 K

MONITRAF past and present values of the indicators, trends and projections (WP8)

Basing on the input provided by WP6 and WP7 (see above) data was gathered, analysed, modelized, as well as the actual values of indicators. Projections and forescasting scenarios were developed.(available in EN and IT- 249 pages).

MONITRAF_WP8_Report_EN.pdf   8.8 M
MONITRAF_WP8_Report_IT.pdf   6.5 M

MONITRAF interpretation and national sets of rule compliance (WP9)

This report makes an analysis of the existing legislation from local to international levels. It provides with perspectives on a common monitoring platform of road traffic related effects in the Alpine Space. (available in DE, EN, FR, IT - 273 pages).

MONITRAF_WP9_final_report_EN_DE_FR_IT.pdf   1.9 M

All gathered data were stored in a database, that can be dowloaded here.   507 K

MONITRAF proceedings of a conference on "Traffic through the Alps"

Developments, effects and perspectives" (Luzern 01 - 02.12.2005)

This documents presents the main outcomes of the conference organised by the Monitraf consortiums at the occasion of a conference in 2005. The main parts of the document are: starting point for a sustainable transport policy; Traffic development along the main Alpine transit corridors; Effects of traffic in the Alps; Perspectives for the traffic in the Alpine Space. (available in FR - 161 pages).

MONITRAF_Conference_proceedings_Luzern_12.2005_fr.pdf   19.1 M

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