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Alplakes - Results

Creation of a network to improve management of Alpine lakes and lakesides in the long-term.

The project has produced a serie of publication on:







Education for Sustainable Development

A technical report for potential or declared ESD stakeholders in the lake areas (bodies in charge of sustainable development of lake watersheds, providers of formal or “informal” education, teachers, educationalists or trainers striving to reach the many different publics).

(available in EN and FR - 52 pages)

Alplakes_Education_for_Sustainable_Development_EN.pdf   6.2 M
Alplakes_L_education_au_developpement_durable_FR.pdf   2.8 M

The future of the navigation on the Alpine Lakes

This document gathers the results achieved by the operational working party attached to “Mobilisation of professionals and local operators with regards to sustainable development issues in order to help solving uses conflicts”.

(available in EN and FR - 32 pages)

Alplakes_The_future_of_the_navigation_on_the_Alpine_Lakes_EN.pdf   3.2 M

Public lakeshore access and lakeside

This Practical guide is the result of the study travel which took place in Bohinj/Slovenia "Public lakeshore access and lakeside occupation".

(available in EN - 49 pages)

Alplakes_Public_lakeshore_access_and_lakeside_EN.pdf   12.1 M


Ecotourism - Good practices Guide

This “Good Practices Guide” is a tool to be used by operators and territories. It is a representative but not exhaustive catalogue, and gives an overview of ecotourism in the Alplakes network by presenting a range of good practices.

(available in EN and FR - 64 pages)

Alplakes_Ecotourism_Good_Practices_EN.pdf   9.3 M
Alplakes_Ecotourisme_Bonnes_Pratiques_FR.pdf   9.1 M

The Lakes of the Belluno Area

The booklet offers a vivid presentation of the Belluno Lakes.

(available in EN, DE and IT - 13 pages)

Alplakes_Lakes_in_the_Belluno_Area_EN-DE-IT.pdf   2.8 M

Overview of Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Labels & Charters

This report gives an overview on identified labels and certification proccesses as well as on benchmarking of ecolabels.

(available in EN - 41 pages)

Alplakes_Overview_of_Ecotourism_and_Sustainable_Tourism_Labels___Charters.pdf   1.1 M


Atlas- A common approach to the characterisation of lakes and their catchement area

The scientific atlas on the Alpine lakes. The different Alpine Lakes are presented with all their specific characterisation. The atlas is a useful tool, full of facts, figures and maps.

(available in EN and IT - 242 pages)

Alplakes_Atlas_EN.pdf   33 M
Alplakes_Atlas_IT.pdf   23 M

Survey between Land and Water

This survey gives a realistic picture of the status of Alpine lakes. It is targeted at the general public but it also contains plenty of detailed technical information as accurate as

that usually provided to professionals

(available in EN and IT - 48 pages)

Alplakes_Survey_between_Land_and_Water_EN.pdf   52 M
Alplakes_Indagini_tra_terra_e_acqua.pdf   52 M

Database on restoration measures

The report gives elemets to support the goal of sustainable restoration by setting up a natural and self-regulating system.

(available in EN - 30 pages)

Alplakes_Database_on_restauration_measures.pdf   4.1 M

Conservation of biodiversity in the Alpine Lakes

Lake management tools on a regional and local scale.

(available in EN/IT - 110 pages)

Alplakes_Lake_Management_-_Conservation_of_Biodiversity.pdf   2.8 M

Balance sheet

The specific approach to small lakes and surronding territories

(available in EN - 266 pages)

Alplakes_Environmental_Balance_Sheet.pdf   5.3 M

Experimental application of Shorezone Functioning Index (SFI) in Belluno and Lombardia

Applicazione sperimentale dell'indice di funzionalita' perilacuale (IFP).

(available in IT - respectively 354 pages and 138 pages).

Alplakes_Indice_di_Funzionalita_Perilacuale__IFP__Belluno.pdf   22 M
Alplakes_Indice_di_Funzionalita_Perilacuale__IFP__Lombardia.pdf   10.8 M

Benthic macroinbertebrates community as ecological indicator of lake status

Benthic macroinvertebrate fauna of different lakes, which can document spatial and temporal changes of biotic and environmental variables. This protocol emphasizes a practical strategy for sampling invertebrate biodiversity in selected lakes with selected simple, easily standardized methods broadly applicable to different lakes at a reasonable cost and effort.

(available in EN - 55 pages)

Alplakes_Ecological_indicator_of_Lake_status.pdf   3.3 M

Two parasitic infections common to Alpine Lakes

This guideline presents the current knowledge on the subjects of cercarial dermatitis and bothriocephalosis. It is the culmination of an effective collaboration between all European Alpine lake managers.

(available in EN and FR - 57 pages)

Alplakes_Two_parasitic_infections_common_to_Alpine_Lakes_EN.pdf   2.3 M
Alplakes_Deux_risques_sanitaires_li_s___des_parasites_FR.pdf   2.4 M

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