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Memory revival and concrete actions to promote cultural tourism along the Via Claudia Augusta.

Final project synthesis

The document provides a short overview of the project main activities (available in IT and DE - 4 pages).

VCA_final_project_IT.pdf   18.7 K
VCA_Final_project_DE.pdf   45 K

Project general guide

The document is a detailed overview of the project activities and goals (available in IT and DE - 28 pages).

VCA_Molto_di_piu_che_516_kilometri_IT.pdf   4.8 M
VCA_Viel_mehr_als_516_kilometer_DE.pdf   5.4 M

Project guide for bicycles

The document provides a detailed overview of the  Via Claudia Augusta useful for cyclists (available in IT and DE - 48 pages).

VCA_La_strada_romana_in_bicicletta_IT.pdf   3.3 M
VCA_Mit_dem_Rad_die_Roemische_strasse_entlang_DE.pdf   3.4 M

Enogastronomical guide

The document contains a detailed guide on enogastronomie and culture along the Via Claudia Augusta (available in IT and DE - 48 pages)

VCA_Enogastronomia_folklore_curiosita_IT.pdf   2.4 M
VCA_Enogastro_bauchtum_kuriositaten_DE.pdf   2.4 M

Environment and natural parks guide

The document is a detailed guide on the environment and natural parks along the Via Claudia Augusta (available in IT and DE - 48 pages)

VCA-Ambiente_parchi_naturali__riserve_IT.pdf   2.8 M
VCA-Umwelt_naturparks_schutzgebiete_DE.pdf   2.8 M

Old town and archeological guide

The document provides a detailed guide on old town and archeology along the Via Claudia Augusta (available in IT and DE - 52  pages)

VCA_Centri_storici_cultura_archeologia_IT.pdf   3.0 M
VCA_altstadtflair_kultur_archaeologie_DE.pdf   3.1 M

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