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VIANOVA - Results

ViaNova optimises people’s perception & motivation as well as urban transport infrastructure towards healthy and sustainable structures.

Planner's Handbook

This tool provides a short overview of the project and is a guide for practitioners. The guide is structured following the five main working areas of the project and gives an idea on how to implement the actions by interested parties.

(available in EN - 32 pages)

Via_Nova_planners_handbook_vianova.pdf   402 K

Particulate Matter matters!

This report provides an overview of what particulate matter is and how it affects health. It also points out the struggle to develop a common European strategy to deal with particulate matter and demonstrates how South Tyrol tackles this issue. It concludes showing a mixture of different approaches such as soft mobility.(available in EN - 24 pages)

Via_Nova_Brochure_PM10_matters.pdf   3.6 M

Toolkit for a corporate cycling system

This handbook describes the successful implementation of a coherent cycle lane network in the city of Bolzano. It provides information about the indicators for an implementation as well as information about supporting measures such as marketing and bicycle parking areas.

(available in EN - 33 pages)

Via_Nova_Corporate_Cycling_System_Bolzano_Planners_handbook.pdf   6.3 M

Cycle to work implementation manual

The brochure gives a time frame for implementing a project creating a cycle-friendly municipality. It is a holistic approach which can be applied to change the daily travel-behaviour of the workers.

(available in EN and DE - 20 pages)

Via_Nova_cycle_to_work_guideline_EN.pdf   10.2 M
Via_Nova_cycle_to_work_guideline_DE.pdf   11.9 M

ViaNova Movie

The ViaNova movie consists of a highly interesting journey into the project aims and objectives. Moreover, it provides the public with the possibility to dive into a thorough description of each pilot activities implemented with the project.

To request a free of charge shipment of the movie, please refer to:


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