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Via Alpina - Results

VIA Alpina: promoting the natural and cultural heritage of the Alps on a network of hiking trails

Quality Guide

A guide on quality strategies and practices in the tourism chain in the alpine countries.

(available in EN, DE, FR, IT, SLO - 93 pages)

ViaAlpina_Qualitatleitfaden_de.PDF   1.4 M
ViaAlpina_QualityGuide_en.pdf   1.4 M
ViaAlpina_GuideQualite_fr.pdf   1.4 M
ViaAlpina_GuidaQualita_it.pdf   1.4 M
ViaAlpina_VodicKakovosti_sl.pdf   1.4 M

Technical Report:

The development of tourist services correlated with the "Via Alpina" itinerary.

(available in IT - 126 pages / executive summary in EN - 24 pages)

ViaAlpina_report_on_development_of_tourist_services_IT.pdf   2.2 M

Technical Report:

A study of the model of information and booking centres of correlated tourist products and services connected with the "Via Alpina" itinerary.

(available in IT - 115 pages / executive summary in EN - 24 pages)

ViaAlpina_report_on_info_and_resa_centres_for_tourist_products_services.pdf   1.5 M

Technical Report:

The study on digital management tools.

(available in EN and DE - 22pages)

Via_ALpina_study_on_digital_management_tools_en.PDF   6.0 M
Via_Alpina_study_on_digital_management_tools_de.pdf   6.0 M

Via Alpina project presentation

Press package.

(available in EN, DE, IT, FR, SLO - 22 pages)

Via_Alpina_presentation__press_package__EN.pdf   477 K
Via_Alpina_presentation__press_package__DE.pdf   480 K
Via_Alpina_presentation__press_package__FR.pdf   484 K
Via_Alpina_presentation__press_package__IT.pdf   476 K
Via_Alpina_presentation__press_package__SI.pdf   474 K

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