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VIA NOVA – Healthy Mobility and Intelligent Intermodality In Alpine Areas



Lead Partner

Forschungsgesellschaft Mobilität – Austrian Mobility Research

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02/2005 - 01/2008

Date of Approval


Approx. Total Budget in €

1.997.000 €

ERDF in €

893.500 €

Project Summary

VIANOVA with partners from all the 7 Alpine countries is a project that aims to reduce car traffic (shift solo car trips) and at the same time to motivate the inhabitants for non-motorised and sustainable modes of transport based on physical activities (cycling & walking). A cross-sectoral approach (land use planning - mobility – health) will combine measures that fit perfectly to the sensible Alpine Space. The model like demonstrations will be implemented on 3 levels. 1) Improvement of objective situation of public space for physical activities (air quality, infrastructure, barriers, organisation, intermodality), 2) Improvement of perception of public space for cycling / walking and 3) User motivation for sustainable model choice. Results will be: well documented case studies, training sessions & materials for planners and policy recommendations. The main findings / materials will be available in EN, DE, IT, SLO, FR easily & free of charge from the website.

Project Objectives

The Alpine Space faces the following processes: - Increase in air pollution and particulate matters caused by car transport, especially in alpine basins; - Worsening quality of public space because of stronger adaptation to the demands of car transport instead of considering different forms of use by people or for sustainable transport modes; - Changed "mental maps" of people: they are aware of less and less destinations within short distance in favour of those only within driving distance; - The share of the car increases continuously; - Insufficient physical activity has become one of the main causes for early death. These problems have severe impacts on citizens & economy, as is reflected in the following casualty figures (aggregated data from F, CH and A): Deaths through traffic accidents: ca. 10.000 Through particulate matter from transport: ca. 29.300 Through insufficient physical activity (by car predominance) ca. 58.000 Therefore VIANOVA will: - initiate transnational cooperation & inter-department collaboration - in cities/regions on a public-private partnership basis leading to concrete planning and implementation instruments; - develop its tools in close cooperation with other related ASP projects; - disseminate know-how by trainings, distance learning, handbook, brochures, website, CD ROM; - improve public space objectively for biking / walking; - improve subjective perceptions of public space; - influence user motivation towards a change in everyday mobility; - link the promising areas health & traffic.

Project Achievements

Project Result Files


EU Project Partners

AOK Bayern – Die Gesundheitskasse (Germany)
Compagnie des transports de Besançon (France)
Comune di Bolzano (Italy)
Comune di Trento – Assessorato all’Urbanistica e all’Ambiente (Italy)
Ministry of health of the Republic Slovenia (Slovenia)
Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano – Assessorato alla sanità ed alle politiche sociali (Italy)
Stadtgemeinde Weiz (Austria)

Non-EU Project Partners

Stadt Thun – Direktion für Bau und Planung (Switzerland)
Verkehrsclub Lichtenstein (Liechtenstein)

Contact Person

Posch, Karl-Heinz

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