Alpine Programme Expert Workshop:

"COPING WITH CLIMATE CHANGE: Transnational aAction in the Alps"



Welcome & introduction

Maria Lezzi, Director, Swiss Federal Office for Spatial Development ARE: towards a (competitive and attractive) sustainable Alpine region 

Coping with climate change in the Alps – A challenging status

Experts introduce critical aspects of key sectors and draw scenarios for their future development in the context of climate change - followed by an interactive panel debate looking at promising examples, first answers and challenges ahead.

Session 1: Natural resources + Energy + Biodiversity

Stéphane Isoard, European Environment Agency

Giovanni Pino, ISPRA - Innovative Technologies Sector Director, Italian Agency forEnvironmental Protection and Research

Guido Plassmann, director, Task Force Protected Areas - Secretariat of the Alpine Convention


Regional Responses through transnational action – status & perspective

Karl Kleemayr, Paramount Project, Federal Research and Training Centre for Forests, Natural Hazards and Landscape (A)

Patrick Biard, European Projects Manager, Rhonalpenergy-Environment (F)


Session 2: Economy + Tourism + Transport

Alfred W. Strigl, Managing Director, Plenum Society for Holistic Sustainable Development (A)

Dominik Siegrist, University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil (CH) & President of CIPRA International

Philippe Dhenein, Managing Director Regional Planning, Rhône-Alpes Region (F)


Regional Responses through transnational action – status & perspective

Georg Sele, INFICON AG & (FL)


Looking ahead: accelerating action in the Alps

Andreas Götz, Director of CIPRA -International & Bruno Abegg, Scientific Expert cc.alps