MidTerm Conference Presentations

Thursday - 16 June 2011

European Territorial Policies accompanying Social and Economic Trends in the Alps

Keynote speech putting social and economic trends in the Alps in perspective with European Territorial policies

Erik Gløersen, Researcher, University of Geneva, Switzerland and Senior Consultant, Spatial Foresight

Project Highlights

Kaleidoscope of outcomes presented by project partners

AlpEnergy, Virtual-Power-System models - Visualisation tool

Carmen Albrecht, Public Power Utility Allgäu Ltd., Germany

Patrick Ansbacher, B.A.U.M. Consult GmbH, Germany

ENERBUILD/ AlpHouse, Energy efficiency in the building sector

ENERBUILD: Peter Steurer, Regional Development Vorarlberg, Austria

AlpHouse: Erika Favre, Valle d’Aosta Region, Italy

ACCESS, Delivery service for daily needs - Internet platform in Freiamt, Germany (Skype interview)

Laure Falempin, Région Franche Comté, France

Carina Stephan, Technical University Kaiserslautern, Germany

PARAmount, risk based decision making for Alpine transport infrastructure

Peter Greminger, Federal Office for the Environment, Switzerland

Alp-Water-Scarce, early warning system for agriculture in Slovenia

Daniela Hohenwallner, University of Savoy, France

PermaNET, Permafrost monitoring network

Volkmar Mair, Automous Province of Bolzano, Italy



Friday - 17 June 2011


WS1 Themes & Priorities for next generation projects

Identify European and Alpine challenges and transform them into parameters for action – for next projects and the upcoming programming period.



Peter Schneidewind, Metis (facilitator)

Francois Boissac, Deputy Director of the Directorate Europe, International relations and cooperation at the Rhône-Alpes Region, France

       Georg Schadt, Federal Chancellery, Austria (no presentation)

Wolfgang Lexer, Environment Agency, Austria


WS2 Management for supportive delivery conditions

A constructive exchange between European representatives, programme bodies and beneficiaries on supportive project management.



Input (no PPT presentation available):

- Ieva Kalnina, Interact programme (facilitator)

- Kadri Uustal, Adviser to the Director General, Directorate General for Regional Policy, European Commission

- Wolfgang Schrattenecker, Managing Authority & Patricia Llopis, Joint Technical Secretariat, Alpine Space Programme (Finances & procedures)

- Michela Gaifami, Joint Technical Secretariat, Alpine Space Programme (Communications)


WS3 Governance towards a macro regional strategy

Roundtable on the added value of a macro regional strategy: which territorial impacts and governance implications?

Summary (French)


Didier Michal, DATAR, France (facilitator)

Christian Salletmaier, Managing Authority, Alpine Space Programme

Nicolas Evrard, Secretary General of the European Association of Elected Representatives of Mountain Areas

Peter Eggensberger, Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Public Health, Germany

       Philippe Dhenein, Managing Director for Regional Planning, Rhône-Alpes Region, France (no presentation)