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Climate Change and its Impact on Tourism in the Alpine Space


  • Climate change
  • Integrated tourism
  • Territorial development
funding / approved
Total eligible costs: 2.806.500 EUR
ERDF grant: 1.999.180 EUR
Project start date: 01/09/2008
Project end date: 30/11/2011

The outputs and results

Final Achievements Summary
The ClimAlpTour e-tool allows end-users - local administrations, NGOs, stakeholders - to explore alternative adaptation strategies with reference to future climate change scenarios for each case study area. Reports from Climate Change and Tourism in the Alps experts’ meetings
CARDS FOR CONJOINT ANALYSIS - Among outputs and deliverables so far produced by the ClimAlpTour partnership one of the most significant is the conjoint analysis. This is a survey used to understand how respondents develop preferences for existing or fictive products or services. These cards are part of the work performed for the identification of adaptation strategies and represent the instrument that have been used during questionnaires for the identification of main factors and features that influence tourists in the selection of holidays location. Every card shows a different combination of tourism product/holiday. Respondents had to decide if they like the holiday, if they are indifferent or if they don’t like it and afterwards rank the cards from the one they like most to the less liked.
Short project presentation - "Climate Change and its impact on tourism in the Alpine Space”
Press release on expert hearing at the Munich University of Applied Sciences (EN) and report on Workshop "Clima e turismo: quali prospettive per le Alpi? Costruzione di Scenari di Sostenibilità” (IT)
Presentation on workpackage 7 (awareness raising) and on workpackage 5 (impact analysis)

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