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Network of the local agricultural production for the valorisation and the knowledge of the Alpine area



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Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia, Direzione centrale delle risorse agricole, naturali e forestali

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02/2003 - 07/2006

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Project Summary

The project NEPROVALTER aims at developing of a network involving public institutions and farmers in the Alpine Space at a transnational level, to enhance the social and economical conditions of local populations, to preserve the environment of marginal mountain lands and to valorise Alpine cultural heritage and traditions with sustainable models. The objectives will be achieved by the following intervention: enhancement of the organic livestock production, considering the increasing market demand of these products, support for typical Alpine products, identifying for each area a number of local activities to be improved and sustained, promotion of typical Alpine areas through the development of welcoming facilities for student/groups of interest (didactic farms) and for disadvantaged people (social farms).The results will be the increase of farmers income, the creation of new job opportunities, the application and diffusion of economic models compatible with the environmental quality and Alpine traditions, the dissemination of the rural and environmental culture especially to young people, the training of new operators

Project Objectives

Marginal areas characterise the Alpine space with a different qualitative and quantitative impact for each region. Despite their diversity what is common to all these regions is the gap between the needs expressed by the local population and the social-economic context that, in recent years, has been unable to fully satisfy them. As a result Alpine areas have been progressively abandoned and the environment, no more preserved by human activities, has degraded. These latter aspects affect all the Alpine regions. Thus the restoration of socially, economically and environmentally degraded Alpine areas requires common and coordinated strategies through a transnational co-operation. An integrated transnational approach should consider local potentialities and peculiarities of Alpine areas. On this basis it is also possible to satisfy consumer demands of healthiness products, quality and traceability as well as their wish to know different cultures.
This model could be the social-economic engine of a system aiming at the preservation of environment, historical memory and traditions, while enhancing tourism potentialities, infrastructures and Alpine typicality. The proposed establishment of a network aims at linking together sites, local products and services.
The main objectives are:
1) socio-economic enhancement and environmental preservation of Alpine areas;
2) valorisation of Alpine areas cultural heritage and traditions.

Within the above mentioned objectives, the proposal outlines three different main targets:
1) organic livestock production in the transnational Alpine areas;
2) local agricultural production in the transnational Alpine areas;
3) transnational network of the Alpine farms.

Project Achievements

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EU Project Partners

BAL - Federal Research Institute for Agriculture in Alpine Regions (Austria)
Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, Agronomy Department (Slovenia)
Land Karnten, Amt der Karntner Landesregierung, Abt. 10 Landwirtschaft Aussenbeziehungen (Austria)
Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano - Ripartizione 22 Formazione Professionale Agricola, Forestale e di Economia Domestica (Italy)
Regione Autonoma Valle d'Aosta - Assessorato Agricoltura Risorse Naturali - Direzione Politiche Agricole Sviluppo Zootecnico (Italy)
Regione Liguria - Assessorato Agricoltura e Turismo (Italy)
Regione Veneto - Direzione politiche agroambientali e servizi per l'agricoltura (Italy)

Non-EU Project Partners

Contact Person

Bortotto, Marina

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