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Priority 1, Measure 2

Competitiveness and sustainable development

This measure is focused on strengthening the competitiveness of the Alpine space by setting common approaches in different sectors such as agriculture, craft activities, services, tourism, etc. This measure intends also to promote the development of the different territories of the Alpine Space according to their specificity.


The general objectives of this measure are the following:

to preserve and strengthen the functionality and attractiveness of the rural areas even if they are of strong peripheral and/or mountainous location;
to stop intra- and interregional migration to urban agglomerations and depopulation of rural areas as well as the trend of urbanisation;
to promote implementation of Agenda 21 at the local and regional level and to promote co-operation between cities and other local authorities in the field of sustainable urban and spatial policies;
to achieve an intensive co-operation in the fields of research and development, innovation and technology transfer between cities and their rural neighbourhood as well as between SMEs and innovation centres;
to reinforce the role of the Alpine Space as a hinge between different cultural traditions and economy;
to speed up the reorganisation and to strengthen the competitiveness of the tourism sector, especially in the mountain areas by implementing sustainable tourism development strategies.

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