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Priorities and Measures

The thematic aims to be followed with the implementation of the Alpine Space Programme are the achievement of added value of co-operation in different fields of spatial development (Priority I), the promotion of a sustainable transport system (Priority II) and the support of the management of nature and cultural heritage and the prevention of natural disasters (Priority III). The following four Priorities, listed without hierarchical order, structure the mainstream of transnational actions and are subdivided into two or three Measures.


Priority 1

Promotion of the Alpine Space as a competitive and attractive living and economic space in the scope of a polycentric spatial development in the EU.

Measure 1: Mutual knowledge and common perspectives.

Measure 2: Competitiveness and sustainable development.


Priority 2

Development of sustainable transport systems with particular consideration of efficiency, inter-modality and better accessibility.

Measure 1: Perspectives and analyses.

Measure 2: Improvement of existing and promotion of future transport systems by large scale and small scale intelligent solutions such as intermodality.


Priority 3

Wise management of nature, landscapes and cultural heritage, promotion of the environment and the prevention of natural disasters.

Measure 1: Nature and resources, in particular water.

Measure 2: Good management and promotion of landscapes and cultural heritage.

Measure 3: Co-operation in the field of natural risks.


Priority 4

Technical Assistance.

Measure 1: Programme administration.

Measure 2: Information and evaluation.

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