Programme 2007-2013 in short

***Please note: this section refers to the period 2007–2013***

What was the Alpine Space Programme in 2007-2013?

The Alpine Space Programme was the EU transnational cooperation programme for the Alps. Partners from the seven Alpine countries worked together to promote regional development in the cooperation area in a sustainable way.

Map of the cooperation area

During the period 2007–2013, the programme invested about 130 Mio € (European Regional Development Fund and national public co-funding) in impact-oriented projects in which key actors developed shared solutions on specific Alpine issues as laid down in the 2007-20013 operational programme.

The Alpine Space Programme 2007–2013 identified 3 thematic fields of cooperation, called priorities:

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Programme Management

During the 2007-2013 programming period, the Programme was managed by the Land of Salzburg, Austria, (Referat 1/01 - Regionalentwicklung und EU-Regionalpolitik).


Main documents referring to the 2007-2013 programme

Programme documents for the period 2007-2013 can be consulted here


Transition to the programme 2014-2020

Information on the strategy development process can be found here