***Please note: this page refers to the period 2007-2013***

Priority 2 Accessibility and Connectivity

The Alpine Space is a transit area in a sensitive environment that, by its geographical features, causes special constraints as regards accessibility to transport and knowledge infrastructures. Therefore good cooperation and networking at transnational level is required in order to provide sound project proposals aimed at achieving the following objectives:

  • securing a fair access to public services, transport, information, communication and knowledge infrastructure within the programme area;
  • promoting and improving access and use of existing infrastructures in order to optimize the economical and social benefits, and to reduce environmental consequences;
  • enhancing connectivity for the reinforcement of polycentric territorial patterns and for laying the basis for a knowledge-driven and information society;
  • promoting sustainable and innovative mobility models with specific regard to environmental, human health and equality related issues;
  • mitigating the negative consequences of traffic flows crossing the Alps.

How should this be achieved?

Through the submission of high quality projects supporting:

  • the development of actions supporting integrated planning of transport and mobility issues;
  • the improvement of connectivity and increase in the quality and reliability of transport systems;
  • the transnational assessment and monitoring of mobility effects;
  • the development of ICT-based innovative public services for citizens and economy.

The list is not exhaustive. For more details please check the Operational Programme

Projects approved under this priority

ACCESS - Improving accessibility of services of general interest – organisational innovations in rural mountain areas

ALIAS - Alpine Hospitals Networking for Improved Access to Telemedicine Services

AlpCheck 2 - Alpine Mobility Check - Step 2

AlpInfoNet - Sustainable Mobility Information Network for the Alpine Space

AlpStore - Strategies to use a variety of mobile and stationary storages to allow for extended accessibility and the integration of renewable energies

CO2-NeuTrAlp - CO2-Neutral Transport for the Alpine Space

iMONiTRAF! - Monitoring of road traffic related effects in the Alpine Space and common measures

MORECO - Mobility and Residential Costs

NEWFOR - New technologies for a better mountain FORest timber mobilization

PARAmount - imProved Accessibility: Reliability and security of Alpine transport infrastructure related to mountainous hazards in a changing climate

PLAT.F.O.R.M. - Platform to Form Opinions Related to Mobility

POLY5 - Polycentric Planning Models for Local Development in Territories interested by Corridor 5 and its TEN-T ramifications

PUMAS - Planning sustainable regional-Urban Mobility in the Alpine Space

SPHERA - Spatial Planning and Health Systems: enhancing territorial governance in Alpine Space

SusFreight - Sustainable Freight Transport - Now and Tomorrow

TranSAFE-Alp - connecting Transport regional networks to Security and emergency Advanced Strategy Frameworks of European and Alpine regions decisional platforms

TRANSITECTS - Transalpine Transport Architects


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