***Please note: this page refers to the period 2007-2013***

Priority 3 Environment and Risk Prevention

The richness of natural and cultural assets through the Alpine Space constitutes an important heritage as well as a resource which shall be both: used sustainably and protected. Water resources and renewable energies are important economic factors that have to be wisely managed to safeguard sustainable development. The expected increase of natural hazards due to the impacts of climate change has to be managed. Projects are called to target on the following objectives:

  • enhancing cooperation in environmental protection issues;
  • stimulating integrated approaches to conservation, planning and management of natural resources and cultural landscape;
  • stimulating the development of resource efficiency with respect to water, energy, land use, raw materials and other natural resources;
  • coping with the effects of climate change;
  • forecasting, predicting, mitigating and managing the impacts of natural and technological hazards.

How should this be achieved?

Through the submission of high quality projects supporting:

  • the promotion of joint actions for conservation and integrated management of biodiversity and cultural landscape;
  • the development of joint management tools for protected areas;
  • the implementation of governance systems for renewable resources;
  • the setting up of integrated tools for water management, energy planning, risk prevention;
  • the promotion of systems and standards for better forecasting hazards.

The list is not exhaustive. For more details please check the Operational Programme

Projects approved under this priority

AdaptAlp - Adaptation to Climate Change in the Alpine Space

AIM - Alpine space in Movement, targeted to water & energy capitalisation

ALP FFIRS - Alpine Forest FIre waRning System

Alp-Water- Scarce - Water Management Strategies against Water Scarcity in the Alps

ALPSTAR - Towards carbon neutral Alps - Make best practice minimum standard

C3-Alps - Capitalising Climate Change Knowledge for Adaptation in the Alpine Space

CLISP - Climate Change Adaptation by Spatial Planning in the Alpine Space

ECONNECT - Improving Ecological Connectivity in the Alps

GeoMol - Assessing subsurface potentials of the Alpine Foreland Basins for sustainable planning and use of natural resources

GreenAlps - Valorising connectivity and sustainble use of resources for successful ecosystem management policies in the Alps

MANFRED - Management strategies to adapt Alpine Space forests to climate change risks

PermaNET - Permafrost Long-Term Monitoring Network

recharge.green - Reconciling Renewable Energy Production and Nature in the Alps

SEAP_Alps - Supporting local authorities in the implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans in the Alpine Space Area

SedAlp - Sediment management in Alpine basins: integrating sediment continuum, risk mitigation and hydropower

SHARE - Sustainable Hydropower in Alpine Rivers Ecosystems

SILMAS - Sustainable Instruments for Lakes Management in the Alpine Space

START_it_up - State-of-the-Art in Risk Management Technology: Implementation and Trial for Usability in Engineering Practice and Policy


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