Strategy Development for the Alpine Space – An inclusive process 2011 - 2013



***Please note: this section refers to the period 2007–2013***


From mid 2011 to mid 2013 the Alpine Space Programme ran a process for medium to long-term strategic orientation and priorities for the Alpine Space. 

Summary brochure including main results of the expert report, stakeholder perspectives and programme conclusions & outlook 2014+:

Summary Brochure in English

Summary Brochure in French

Summary Brochure in German

Summary Brochure in Italian

Summary Brochure in Slovenian


Objectives of the strategy development process

  • to pave the way towards a future Alpine Space Programme (ASP) in the period 2014–2020 by identifying key priorities and strategic orientations;
  • to contribute to the debate on a possible macro-regional strategy for the Alps, exploring if there are topics and stakeholder support which call for a broader European perspective within a macro-regional strategy.



Strategy and policy review 

As a solid base for channelling discussions about the future of the Alpine Space, a group of experts from the different Alpine countries was commissioned with a study that provided:

  • recommendations for policies to pursue selected strategic objectives in the Alpine Space
  • proposals for overcoming barriers to achieving those objectives
  • specific starting points for working on a macro-regional strategy.


The expert report was discussed from its draft version with key actors from all seven countries participating in the Alpine Space Programme in a series of stakeholder workshops. 

The final report was published in 2013. 

Final Expert Report (EN)

Final Expert Report (DE)

Final Expert Report (FR)

Final Expert Report (IT)

Final Expert Report (SI)

Information on the experts



Stakeholder Workshops

Electricity highways or exclusive protection areas, pumped storage reservoirs for Europe's renewable energy future or decentralised micro structures, hazard management or intensive tourism, peri-urban buffer area for the metropolises, sustainable economic cycles or brain drain – the debate on the development of the Alpine Space has seen many catch phrases.

The Alpine Space Programme aimed to substantiate the debate on Alpine Governance and the future of the Alpine Space.

Ten Key Statements represented the condensed output from the strategy and policy review. As an interim result they served as a basis for discussion with Alpine stakeholders. At workshops in different parts of the programme area, participants took the opportunity to comment on the experts´ findings, discuss with them and bring in their own views and proposals. This form of dialogue did not only seek to generate projects that make a difference, but also to further promote strategic dialogues and improve the understanding of the programme’’s position between European and regional governance levels.

Salzburg Workshop – 27.9.2012 

Ljubljana Workshop – 25.10.2012 Final Report (in English)

Lindau Workshop – 14.11.2012 Final Report (in English), Documentation (in German)

Annecy Workshop – 19.11.2012 Final Report (in English)

Venice / Torino Workshops – 26. / 28.11.2012 Final Report (in English)



Online Consultation  

In November/December 2012, all interested actors were invited to give feedback on the expert report and its specific suggestions for priority themes as well as the role of the Alpine Space Programme in shaping the future of the Alps. The survey was conducted in English and all Alpine languages (German, French, Italian, Slovene) from 7 November to 10 December 2012. Over 700 submissions were received, from all seven Alpine countries. Read the Summary Statistics to find out more.

University co-operation and young people

The Alpine Space Programme was highly interested in the views and expectations of young people. For this reason universities in the partner countries were invited to reflect on the expert report with their students. Under academic guidance, students from the Bocconi University in Milan, the University of Ljubljana, the Joseph Fourier University in Grenoble as well as the University of Geneva contributed their views to the process.

Concluding Conference

"Turning Strategies into a Programme – Alpine Space 2014–2020"  Milan, Italy,  21 February 2013

More than 300 stakeholders got together to sum up the recent stakeholder dialogues and to match expectations for the years from 2014–2020 both concerning a successor Alpine Space Programme and questions as to the value of a macro-regional strategy for the Alpine Space. Read the conference digest for the highlights among many insightful contributions and careful conclusions.


Land of Salzburg.

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