Forum Alpinum 2014 - Use, valorisation and management from local to macro-regional scale

The Alpine Space Programme and four Alpine Space projects took part in the Forum Alpinum, from 17 to 19 September 2014 in Darfo Boario Terme, Italy.

Three out of four projects present at the Forum took part in a workshop led by the Joint Technical Secretariat about project results and how to formulate a new project idea. The fourth project led its own separate workshop.


This page contains brief interviews with the projects about their impressions and contribution to the event.  




Andrea Danelli, RSE – Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico, AIM lead partner representative


What did you present at the Forum Alpinum?

The Forum Alpinum was a fruitful opportunity to present and disseminate the results achieved by the Alpine Space Programme 2007-2013 (specifically by the projects SHARE, Alp-Water-Scarce, SedAlp, SEAPAlps, ECONNECT and in the field of water resources and renewable energy, with special emphasis on hydropower. In particular, my presentation focused the attention on the achieved products and their application in real cases.


What did you find the most interesting during the event?

I was impressed by the active participation at the workshop, and by the enormous interest in the issues related to the management of natural resources in the Alps. The discussion has shown that there is lack of communication between technicians/experts and decision makers, requiring a major involvement of key actors from the political sector in the ASP projects.


What concrete output will you bring home for AIM?

The workshop encouraged me to make every effort in the dissemination of the excellent results and outcomes (achieved in the framework of the Alpine Space Programme), so that they do not remain only on paper but could be implemented in future regional policies.


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Caroline Pecher, Institute for Alpine Environment - EURAC research, WIKIAlps project manager


What did you present at the Forum Alpinum?

The WIKIAlps project partners organised a workshop with the title “Learning lessons the easy way – improving access to and transferring project results in the Alpine Space: Experiences from the WIKIAlps project”. After a brief introduction of the WIKIAlps project, the participants learned more about the methodological approach used in WIKIAlps for capitalising on project results, and got an insight into, the wiki of the project that offers operative information for spatial policy design. An open and very fruitful discussion with the participants rounded this workshop off. Throughout the duration of the Forum Alpinum, a poster informed the visitors about the project.


What did you find the most interesting?

The Forum Alpinum 2014 offered plenary sessions, various workshops and a poster exhibition on “Alpine resources – Use, valorisation and management from local to macro-regional scale”. It was thus a good platform for meeting scientists, practitioners, policy makers and other persons interested in this topic.


What concrete output will you bring home for WIKIAlps?

The discussion with the participants of our workshop provided us with valuable information about the participant’s perception of, the project’s wiki. Their feedback is important against the backdrop of a continuous improvement of the wiki in order to meet the user’s needs.


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Susanne MehlhornBundesministerium für Land- und Forstwirtschaft, Umwelt und Wasserwirtschaft (BMLFUW), Austria. START_it_up project manager                  


What did you present at the Forum Alpinum?

For the Session “Liveable Alpine Space 2014-2020”, I gave an input talk about the work of the START_it_up project on capitalisation and dissemination of projects achievements in terms of natural hazard and risks carried out in ASP Period 2007 – 2013.


What did you find the most interesting?

I really enjoyed the variety of different disciplines all dealing with “Alpine Resources” and the opportunity to exchange and discuss in several workshops.


What concrete output will you bring home for the START_it_up project?

The forum once again clearly showed the importance of furthering the communication and transfer of scientific knowledge to decision makers so as to ensure application and sustainability of projects’ results.


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Chris Walzer, University of Veterinary Medicine of Vienna, Austria

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