Stakeholder Conference: Turning Strategies into a Programme – Alpine Space 2014 - 2020

Milan, Italy, 21 February 2013

The Alpine Space Programme convened its stakeholders to

  • learn about results of the stakeholder dialogue which has taken place in the last months
  • match experts findings with practitioner´s reality and needs
  • debate cornerstones for the future development of the Alpine Space 
  • discuss the role that the next Programme 2014-2020, other funders and actors could take in Alpine governance.


Conference Digest


Photo gallery

Strategy-development Process


Coming up next:

+ Final Version of the Expert Report available by May 2013

+ Summary of the stakeholder dialogue series & end-of-project reflection available June/July 2013

+ Public consultation on draft Programme 2014-2020 in August/September 2013

+ The Programme is expected to be submitted to the European Commission in December