***Please note: this page refers to the period 2007-2013***

For an overview of projects that were running under the Alpine Space Programme 2007–2013, you see the complete list of projects below. Note: Content of project abstracts is the sole responsibility of the project partnership.



Improving Ecological Connectivity in the Alps


  • Natural heritage
  • Biodiversity
  • Enviromental policy / legislation
  • Knowledge transfer
funding / approved
Total eligible costs: 3.198.240 EUR
ERDF grant: 2.285.120 EUR
Project start date: 01/09/2008
Project end date: 30/11/2011

The outputs and results

Project achievements summary
Final project results
Project & pilot area flyers
JECAMI – “Joint Ecological Continuum Analyzing and Mapping Initiative”. Online tool
57kB, PDF
Map of the pilot regions and flyers
Short presentation of the ECONNECT project in 4 languages
Pilot region Berchtesgaden-Salzburg - Map and poster - Explanations in English
Articles, reports & studies
Ecogame (German)

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