***Please note: this page refers to the period 2007-2013***

For an overview of projects that were running under the Alpine Space Programme 2007–2013, you see the complete list of projects below. Note: Content of project abstracts is the sole responsibility of the project partnership.



Mobility and Residential Costs


  • Accessibility
  • Territorial development
  • ICT
  • Integrated mobility planning
funding / approved
Total eligible costs: 2.489.743 EUR
ERDF grant: 1.892.204 EUR
Project start date: 01/07/2011
Project end date: 30/06/2014

The outputs and results

Final achievements summary
MORECO methodology and tools
MORECO methodology and tools for Planners and Mobility actors
SWOT report and Good practices collection
Outputs of the phase "analysis and expert exchange"
Basis for implementation
A Spotlight on Mobility and Interconnection in Rural vs. Urban Areas
Project videos
Project poster, leaflets & comic strip
Brochures, studies, reports & presentations
109kB, PDF

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