From June 2018 onwards, the #MadewithAlpineSpace campaign takes you on a journey to discover the best results of the Alpine Space projects. Every month a new programme message will be published and project highlights featured on this page, our social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and our newsletter. 

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"We enable regions and cities to jointly tackle challenges that go beyond borders."
Migration, climate change, and integration of transport systems are examples of issues that each country cannot solve separately from its neighbours. Only by working together, regions and cities can successfully tackle such challenges at Alpine level.

SPARE: Alpine rivers as society's lifelines

How often, in the Alps, have you crossed national borders without even noticing? Borders are conventions, but natural elements follow their own logic and call for a different, transnational approach. This is the case of river management, which is the focus of SPARE. Alpine river ecosystems are an essential element for the well-being of all living species and, as such, they should be protected and well-managed so as to ensure a correct use of this valuable water resource. SPARE contributes to the pan-Alpine harmonisation of protection needs and human use requirements of Alpine rivers by making a pan-Alpine overview of priority rivers needing protection and promoting the use of participatory methods and of a catchment-wide, transnational approach.

HyMoCARES: Alpine rivers are working for us

River corridors represent one of the most used and modified landscape elements in the Alps. They provide key ecosystem services, but many of them are currently at risk or already significantly degraded. HyMoCARES tackles the challenges linked to the conservation of Alpine rivers and related ecosystems with jointly developed and implemented activities beyond borders. The project treats rivers as ecosystem services, which are useful only when healthy. The project provides tools to assess and improve the hydromorphologic quality of rivers integrating local and basin levels.

AlpES: Alpine Ecosystem Services - mapping, maintenance, management

Besides rivers, grasslands, woods and even swamps can also provide services to people living in the Alps. As a basis for joint action, public authorities, policy makers, NGOs and economic actors need a common understanding of ecosystem services and comparable information on their status. In addition, they need supporting tools for integrating them in their fields of work. AlpES develops a set of tools that can help public bodies, interest groups, researchers and economic players identify, assess and manage ecosystems services at a transnational scale.

ALPBIONET2030: Integrative Alpine wildlife and habitat management

Ecosystems provide services not only for humans, but also for animals. ALPBIONET2030 deals with habitat loss and fragmentation, which constitute the single greatest threat to biodiversity worldwide. The project builds an Alpine wildlife strategy and tests it in areas where it is possible to set up corridors between remaining habitat patches to support genetic diversity, migrations and species adaptation to climate change.

AlpInnoCT: Alpine innovation for combined transport

Transport is another field that calls for transnational solutions: The Alps are a sensitive ecosystem vulnerable to pollutant emissions and climate change. Continued growth in freight traffic volumes leads to environmental problems, which reinforces the need to review the existing organisation of transport and develop innovative models to protect the Alpine Space. AlpInnoCT offers joint solutions to strengthen ecological transport and establish more efficient freight transport corridors by raising the efficiency and productivity of combined transport.

PlurAlps: Enhancing capacities for a pluralistic Alpine Space

The Alpine area is experiencing challenges of an ageing population and new migration models. At the same time, increasing cultural diversity and pluralism are opportunities for social innovation and development. PlurAlps offers transnational solutions for municipalities in the Alpine area towards the integration of all types of migrants e.g. thanks to the social planning instrument. The tool supports mid and long-term social planning to take the interests of both the local natives and the new residents into account.