"We fund cooperation projects which deliver visible results attractive for cities and regions across Europe." 

We see a surge in the demand for transnational projects amongst Alpine Space regions and cities. This is based on a real need to pool and improve existing knowledge in order to tackle complex, joint challenges in the most efficient way.

AlpFoodway: Promoting Alpine food cultural heritage

Alpine Food heritage is a strong identity source for the Alpine regions. It goes beyond products to include productive landscapes and traditional knowledge on production techniques, consumption customs and rituals, and the transmission of ancient wisdom. This unique heritage is unfortunately at risk of disappearing due to depopulation, globalisation and ageing population.


AlpFoodway involves communities in order to safeguard Alpine food heritage, valorise it and turn it into an asset for local development through a transnational and multi-disciplinary approach. The shared Alpine identity emerging from the project partners' activities constitutes a strong basis for the application of Alpine food heritage to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

Thanks to its outstanding activities, AlpFoodway has been selected as highlight for the EU year of cultural heritage




ASTUS: Reducing carbon impacts linked to daily trips in the Alps

In Alpine regions, families living in low density areas are bound to the car as their daily means of transport, due to their relative isolation from structured transport networks. This leads to increased CO2 emissions.


The ASTUS project is working to reduce, in a long time perspective, the carbon impacts and atmospheric pollution linked to daily trips in the Alps. The project partners are developing an extensive methodology and concrete tools to assist Alpine local authorities in the identification and implementation of strategies and alternative mobility solutions for inhabitants to promote smart transport and urbanism.


CaSCo: Local wood for less CO2 emissions in the Alps

The CaSCo project visualises the impact of increasing material flows of timber products on the climate. With a unique transnational approach, it is developing a transnational operating toolkit to foster low carbon timber processing chains in the Alpine space, along with related policy guidelines in participating communities. The partners also conduct tailored trainings for empowerment of SMEs, professionals and decision-makers and their pilot approaches are tested as input for long term strategies in Alpine regions to further foster usage of low carbon wood in innovative products.
The CaSCo project created an Alpine Space Regional Timber Award, for which public and private institutions with outstanding construction projects involving wooden buildings or urban furniture made out of regional timber are nominated. The award ceremony for the year 2018 will take place at the EUSALP Forum on 20 November in Innsbruck, Austria.

LOS_DAMA! Green infrastructure for better living

Alpine Space cities are facing common challenges: valuable green spaces in and around our cities are exposed to heavy land-use pressures and a variety of demands.


LOS_DAMA! focuses on these Alpine landscapes on our doorsteps. This project is contributing to preserve our landscapes by protecting habitable open spaces in city regions, while connecting people and green spaces throughout the Alpine region. It collaborates with stakeholders and citizens of seven pilot areas in urban regions. Together, they are seeking ways to safeguard, enhance and manage peri-urban landscapes.


With the foundation of the LOS_DAMA! City Network, project partners are committed to promote the potential of peri-urban Green infrastructures for sustainable development by improving governance and planning.


YOUrALPS: Reconciling young people with the Alps

YOUrALPS aims to reconcile young people with the Alps. The youngest generations tend to have little awareness of the values and opportunities offered by the natural and cultural heritage of the Alps, which has a lot to offer in terms of economic and social opportunities. 


YOUrALPS gathers project partners from six Alpine countries. Using a participatory web-platform and a database of resources from different types of actors involved in youth education, the project partners are working together to give structure to the field of mountain-oriented education across the Alps.


The inspiring and successful example of YOUrALPS has also been selected to be featured in the INTERACT e-book "Connecting Cultures, Connected Citizens", published in the framework of the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage.