From June 2018 onwards, the #MadewithAlpineSpace campaign takes you on a journey to discover the best results of the Alpine Space projects. Every month a new programme message will be published and project highlights featured on this page, our social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and our newsletter. 

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"We are an innovative catalyst that triggers further public and private investment
and accelerates urban and regional development

Through innovative projects, the Alpine Space programme provides opportunities for strategic international partnerships, which are key for developing and testing tailor-made answers to major transnational challenges. Alpine Space projects often serve to kick-start change, with reach and momentum growing over time, as they stimulate significant national and international investment and action.

AlpSib: private investors for public services

While public funding is becoming increasingly scarce, the AlpSib project addresses the needs of seniors and NEET (young people neither in education, employment nor training) by fostering innovative ways of financing social services. Social impact bonds (SIB) are an effective means of involving private actors in funding services of general interest. Improving people´s life is at the heart of SIB, as the return on investment of private investors is conditioned to the achievement of social impacts.

To accelerate social investments in the Alpine region, the AlpSib project gathers a network of investors, public authorities, social organisations… all interested in sharing knowledge and building capacities for a greater value for money of public services. The AlpSib web platform broadens this network by providing communities of practices, learning resources but also a matching tool for investors and projects.

AlpSib: towards harmonised social impact policies… in the Alps and beyond

To encourage the uptake of social impact investments in public policies, AlpSib is developing a common methodology to support policy-makers throughout Europe in designing policies in this field. The objective is to set shared priorities and to reach a standardised approach for social outcomes. A pool of experts is in charge of drafting a shared document, building on the outcomes of transnational events such as the co-creative labs and the AlpSib forum. Both the European Commission and the European Investment Bank expressed their interest in the experience of AlpSib, and they were represented at the first AlpSib transnational forum on September 2017 in Nice. The tools and common methodology produced by the project AlpSib can then be further disseminated and serve as an inspirational experience in the Alps but also in the rest of Europe.

e-MOTICON: to better invest in e-mobility

In the Alpine area, e-vehicle (EV) drivers often feel they cannot use their EVs for cross-border trips. The main problem lies in the low interoperability of electric charging stations. The project partners of e-MOTICON join their forces to tackle this issue of a low and inhomogeneous availability of electric mobility (e-mobility) in the Alpine Space.

The partners worked on the definition of strategic actions and rules on infrastructure access, minimum infrastructure installation, and a supra-regional mapping tool. Public administrations play a fundamental role in this process. They are thus involved and connected to users in a transnational community in view of facilitating and promoting the exchange of know-how for an effective planning of recharging networks. In addition, the project´s “white book” will present the e-MOTICON Strategy and provide regional action plans for regulating and managing electric charging stations planning, and thus encourage e-mobility through the Alps.

e-MOTICON: a transnational community to improve the e-charging stations network in the Alps

In order to exchange data, tools and information between the different e-mobility stakeholders, e-MOTICON created the transnational community networking platform.  Different topics like the location of e-charging stations or e-mobility in tourism are discussed in user groups. e-MOTICON partners are now working on the transnational strategy for the electric charging spot planning. The best practices and experiences of the pilot sites of the project were used to define the “strategic pillars” of the strategy. The conference “The future of e-mobility in the Alpine Space” on 19 October 2018 at Bad Reichenhall will be the occasion to talk more on the strategy with the partners of the project. More information on the conference here.