Tue 30 November 2021

BE-READI Investors Day

The Investors Day will be structured in two sessions:

  • 09:30-11:30 (CEST)    an introductory conferende dedicated to business support organisations and investors of the area discussing about the topic: Cross-borders investments in Europe: Already a reality or a goal for the future? 
  • 11:30-12:30 (CEST)    an e-pitching session for companies located in Austria, France, Germany, Italy Switzerland, Slovenia already engaged or willing to join the BE-READI ALPS community.


To attend the conference you can register here.

To partecipate as an investor at the e-pitching session, please e-mail mmauvais@risingsud.fr 


The following projects will present their projects during the e-pitching session:

AgTech / IT / water managment
Sensors and App helping Farmers to monitor and control their irrigation systems. First
company to monitor the pressure on several key point of an irrigation system, we reduce
the water consumption by 30% and gain time and comfort for the farmer. Framework
contract signed with the world biggest bananas producer, Greentech Innovation award,
i-nov winner (innovation competition). Member of the wolrd alliance for efficient solutions
by SolarImpulse foundation | TRL: 9 | TAM: $2B | Series A | Next step : commercial
acceleration | EUR 1.5mn sought – France
BioTech / GreenTech
They select and exploit non-pathogenic bacteria in a low-CO2 process to transform
construction waste and wood waste into useful products such as bricks, tiles, furniture,
small houses. Their business model is continuous supplying of raw materials and
know-how to companies having wastes to dispose, to turn their negative market price
wastes into profits. N.6 potential clients interested in becoming partners in the
industrialization and growing day-by-day | TRL: 6-8 | TAM: $30B+ | Seed| Next Step:
industrialization | EUR 0.6mn sought – Switzerland
Energy/ Mobility
They are a fleet-tech company providing a unique and patented method to measure,
track and reduce energy/fuel consumptions on heavy vehicles and equipment. Their
proprietary IoT solution and cloud-based algorithms are designed to immediately
reduce energy consumption, CO2 and NOx emissions of any type of vehicle by up
to 30%. Partner with one of the fastest growing Fleet-Tech company - Part
of the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution – Winner of the Blue Ocean Awards – Part of 
the European Commission Task Force on On-Board Consumption and Emissions
Monitoring | TRL: 9 | TAM: $70B | Series A | Next Step: international commercial
acceleration | EUR 5mn sought – France
IT / Foodtech / Blockchain
They make it easy for small agri-food producers to tell the story of their products to their
consumers in a captivating and transparent way, thanks to QR Codes and blockchain
technology. Partner with Alto Piemonte Turismo - Partner with University of Foggia –
Over 50 paying customers to dateTRL: 9 | TAM: $1B | Pre-Seed | Next Step: growth -
Switzerland and Italy| EUR 200k sought – Switzerland
Sportwear / Outdoor
They are revolutionizing the outdoor market. With eight patents and products that have won
the industry's highest awards, they are opening a new chapter in outdoor sports. Products
with a very high USP in the Bike Backpacks and Avalanche Safety segments are already on
the market or about to be launched soon. Products listed in over 100 B2B stores in DACH in
the first sales year/ 3 times winner ISPO Gold Award/ Winner CyberOne Award/ Innovation
awards/ 8 patents. TRL: 9 | TAM: 5 |B Euro Serie A |Up to EUR 0,5M sought – Germany
Medtech / Robotic
The startup develops robotic solutions for sterilization in medical structures. It does it better,
safer and is less expensive. BoldBrain 2021, Connext 2021, UnipolSiai Italia che verrà, Il sole 24
ore Business School Supply Chain Project winner | TRL:7 | TAM: Eur 6B | Seed | Next step: start
the production | Eur 2M sought – Italy/Switzerland
Retail / Geolocation
The startup develops surfaces with the ability to geolocate objects of different sizes and 
compositions with a high degree of accuracy (to the centimeter) using NFC. Automate, real-
time inventory for industry and retail. 8 patents, 20+C-level in large groups convinced. | 
TRL:8 | TAM: $30B | Series A | Next step: Commercial Acceleration | EUR 4M sought France