What can you expect?

The Transnational Hackathon on Mobility takes place online on the 1st and 2nd of December 2021. During the online Transnational Hackathon on Mobility, participants work in teams to tackle various challenges related to the topic of mobility. The aim is to develop a visualization of the data sets, first steps for an applications and new concepts. This hackathon is organised by partners from Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia and France as part of the DEAS-project.


The topic of mobility plays a crucial role in climate change. Innovative ideas and approaches are needed to advance mobility in the alpine regions and to make mobility more efficient, easy & environmentally friendly.

Students, small & medium enterprises, data analysts, departments of urban city planning and all those who are interested in mobility are warmly welcome attending the hackathon. Programming skills are not necessarily needed to participate. Just be interested in the topic, have an internet connection and a computer to work on future mobility projects, and thus promote the urban common good.


Each challenge is guided by a speaker who has the expertise for the topic. Topics of the challenges might be improving walkability, creating an ideal bike traffic network, intermodal visualization of different means of transport, carpooling & public transport. But feel free to come up with a new challenge! As a data basis for solving the challenges, data is provided by the YUCCA platform, the local open data platforms from Slovenia, Constance & Baden-Württemberg, France (and Lyon), Piedmont, Austria (with access to Linz, Graz & Vienna), and the data sets provided by the DEAS-partners exclusively for the hackathon.

At 18:00 on the 1st of December, the event starts with the introduction of the challenges by the speakers. All participants can choose a challenge they want to work on. The following day on the 2nd of December, the teams work on their challenges starting at 09:00. At the end of the day, the teams present their mobility outputs to the entire audience from 17:00 to 18:00.


Registration and more information:

Transnational Hackathon (eveeno.com)


If you have any questions or suggestions for challenges or speakers please contact:

Dr. Christin Wohlrath

City of Constance; Departement of Statistics & Digital Agenda - Project Management DEAS

Phone: ++49 7531/ 945 2490



Jael Breuninger

City of Constance; Departement of Statistics & Digital Agenda - Project Management DEAS

Phone: ++49 7531/ 945 2490



We are looking forward to your registration! Before the hackathon takes place, you will receive more detailed information by e-mail.