The event was an opportunity to discuss how companies need to grow in a sustainable and resilient way to remain competitive on the market, by supporting the digital transition and moving towards the new paradigm of the circular economy, aiming at a reduction in waste and a radical rethinking in the conception of products.
Following an introductory moment of reflection, the discussion continued in the following thematic rooms:
1. manufacturing sector, about the digital and circular economy;
2. agritech and food sector where the efficient use of raw materials and water was discussed, but also how support policies are needed to implement the technologies;
3. building sector whose focus has highlighted the energy and gas consumption caused by buildings, which should be constantly monitored;
4. assessment theme in which an overview of the digital maturity and circularity assessments currently available in Europe was made.
The event saw the participation of the  Lombardy Region, with HIT - Hub Innovazione Trentino, Confindustria Lombardia, Digital Innovation Hub Lombardia, Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) - Confindustria Lombardia, Josef Stefan Institute, Technology Park Ljubljana, Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Trentino Sviluppo S.p.A., Confindustria Trento, Digital Innovation Hub Trentino Alto Adige.