On February 2022 the Chamber of commerce of Bolzano as the T1 Work Package Leader launched a virtual taskforce to validate the processes and tools to be included in the BE-READI O.T1.1 “BE-READI Points Toolkit”.

The taskforce includes all the task leaders of WP T1 UCL, UCV, FTGP, IRS. It was also invited ITALCAM as brand and communication responsible. A dedicated session was previously organised in November in Bolzano with all the consortium members to have a general overview and collect each partner perspective.

A quality survey was also launched by UCV, the quality system responsible, to interview the BE-READI Points staff members and understand the operative and concrete practices used, the barriers faced and the general companies’ feedback.

The taskforce coordinated by CCIAA Bolzano discussed which aspects should be communicated to make the BE-READI journey understandable for new BE-READI Points, what performed well and what could be improved. The online visual collaboration platform 'Miro' (https://miro.com/) was used for this activity, allowing partners to collect all their ideas and share them with others. And visualise their common ideas.

The goal is to assure the BE-READI Points Toolkit is the result of an extensive and shared overview of the BE-READI Partners and it is focused on the concrete and validated tools that other business support organisation could also in the future implement.