The network of BE-READI ALPS is growing continuously: new and innovative BE-READI Points joined the team. During an internal event the new and old contact points presented their regions and their area of expertese to each other.

Trentino Sviluppo (IT), Holzcluster Steiermark (AT), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Trento (IT), French Tech Aix-Marseille (FR) and Technologiezentrum Deutschlandsberg (AT) joined the network as partners to support innovation in the Alps. Together with the other BE-READI Points they now are able to connect businesses from their region with potential partners from the rest of the Alpine Space.

BE-READI ALPS brings together traditional local companies with start-ups and other companies from the Alpine region in order to make the best possible use of the know-how of both sides. The aim is to strengthen the spirit of innovation in traditional small and medium-sized enterprises, to provide an overview of funding programs and financing opportunities for new ideas and products, and to support internationalization and digitization in the Alpine region. In this way, new value chains are created on an interregional level. Domestic SMEs now have yet another way to access the numerous opportunities and services in the Alpine region via 5 new BE-READI Points in Italy, France and Austria.

BE-READI ALPS consists of 14 partners from six countries (Italy, Austria, France, Germany, Slovenia and Switzerland) 11 further organisations accredited as BE-READI Points and currently more than 100 companies and around 80 service providers are using the project's services and taking advantage of the opportunity to find new business partners. The project is co-financed within the INTERREG Alpine Space program by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The end of the BE-READI ALPS project at the end of June 2022 will not be the end of the network which continues to grow more and more, promising much for the future, so keep your eyes open!


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