The mission of the association ENVIE Strasbourg is to put back on sale at reduced prices outdated or broken down household appliances, primarily to people in precarious situations. To do this, it relies on professional integration to carry out activities such as:

  • collection & sorting
  • cleaning, repair, painting, testing
  • rental or sale of spare parts or reconditioned products
  • repair of equipment under warranty or not.


The workstations and business software are obsolete, not adapted to a change of scale or to employees with little digital maturity who need to be supported in their work. In order to provide effective support to employees on integration programmes, to cope with the increase in the amount of equipment to be renovated (+20% by 2023), to increase the rate of equipment reuse, to diversify its activity into the sale of spare parts & to reduce its impact on the environment, the association needs innovative digital tools to:

  • carry out predictive diagnostics to optimise home repairs, sort out the appliances that can be refurbished or the recoverable parts
  • manage the flow and traceability of appliances and parts from collection and sorting to sales and after-sales
  • manage thousands of rental and repair appliances
  • manage online sales (own sites, professional platforms or online sales)
  • facilitate integration through self-training.


The Circular programme enabled the association to:

  • carry out an Industrie du futur and Climaxion diagnosis
  • build a digital roadmap capable of supporting technological development (AI bricks, traceability, cobots), organisational and process innovation and the fitting out of new workstations
  • recruit various experts (Cical & Cobo4You) and financial support opportunities.


The company has embarked on the integration of Co robots & automation, the development of Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Machine Learning (AI) & Programming Interface (API) technologies to identify refurbishable equipment from the pre-diagnosis stage and to pilot all activities. This should enable it to increase the rate of reuse of equipment and parts taken from wrecks for reuse in its repair operations and those of manufacturers (BOSCH, Liebherr, etc.), and to reduce the number of wrecks to be dismantled/recycled. The study also enabled Envie to identify a new Cryo-cleaning technology (eliminating de facto acid or basic products & descaling, soiled water) reducing its environmental impact. The company's approach has already been recognised by a prize: les Cas d'Or.