SAMEC Srl, small automation Machinery Manufacturing company from Piedmont, specialized in the manufacturing of End-of-Arm Tooling Systems for Robot Grips, and Modular Tooling Systems for Transfer Press in the automation industry, approached the Circular 4.0 project to further explore the potential for digital and circular development. The Circular4.0 path has served the company to have greater knowledge and awareness of the principles of circularity and circular business models. The analysis carried out (digital assessment and circular assessment) highlighted how the company implements efficiency practices in all three approaches: circular design, optimal use and waste recovery. The company has implemented a robotic island that can work unattended. It includes a compactor that allows to recover the lubricating coolants that are put back into circulation and compact the residual metal pieces, reducing the size of the waste in a proportion from 4 to 10. Consequently, it reduces the number of trips needed to manage the waste material in proportion from 4 to 6 times, which allows cost saving and less environmental impact.

Thanks to the Circular4.0 path, further possibilities for improvement the waste management process have emerged: such as the possibility to separate the different materials to be able to recover more value from the residual materials.
The increased awareness of the importance of sustainability also led the company to appoint a person responsible for the ecological transition, who will dedicate himself to improve processes focusing on sustainability. In this moment, the person is involved in specific training courses on the Green Transition and Circular Economy topics.