Sangalli S.p.A. is a top players nationwide for the design and implementation of road works, urban planning and road signs. As a reliable partner to public authorities, companies and private individuals, Sangalli S.p.A. always strives to find innovative solutions integrating technological advancements and sustainability.

As part of our pilot actions, Sangalli S.p.A. received 1:1 assistance by a team of researchers from the University of Bergamo in assessing their level of engagement towards the circular economy and the circularity potential of their business model. The company was classified as a champion, with both a high circularity potential, and high level of engagement, with a strong focus on research and development and projects focusing on the production of innovative and sustainable materials.

The main areas for improvements were found in terms of engagement. The team of researchers suggested that external communication on sustainability should be improved, for example by publishing a sustainability report. A materiality matrix could also be generated to identify stakeholder’s priorities.

Improvements have also been suggested in terms of collaboration along the supply chain and focusing on outreach by participating to public events on scientific and technological advancements.

Thanks to the assessment, the company had the opportunity get a different point of view on the directions that they could follow to continue leading the way as pioneers of circular economy in their sector.