Easytech has developed CALDO SYSTEM TM, the first dynamic release electric heater The primary focus was to create a system capable of responding effectively and efficiently to the new energy challenges that the world is offering us, lowering consumption and eliminating the problems of traditional hydronic systems.

Easytech has developed an innovative 100% Made in Italy technology: safe and simple to use. In this historical moment it is essential to create alternative, more efficient and virtuous systems. Construction is responsible for a large part of consumption and pollution worldwide; over 80% of the energy consumed by buildings is used to heat... water.

It is therefore essential to develop a sustainable solution that rationalizes the use of energy and resources, making the most of the availability of renewables. Why did Easytech participate in CIRCULAR 4.0? the company mission has always been to contribute concretely to the creation of a sustainable world that places the well-being of people and the planet at the center.

Easytech has always aimed at eliminating energy waste, respecting the environment, promoting sustainability in all stages of production, marketing and use. CIRCULAR 4.0 made it possible to measure this impact objectively and without "shortcuts", highlighting and giving further proof that the highly circular nature of easytech's business model really has foundation and value.