For more than 50 years, SEBA Hydrometrie GmbH & Co. KG has been offering measurement solutions in the fields of groundwater, surface water, water quality, flow measurement, meteorology and wastewater and is one of the world's leading manufacturers. Since its foundation in 1967, SEBA Hydrometrie’s mission is to develop robust, reliable and high-quality measuring technology "Made in Germany", technologically always one step ahead, with comprehensive advice, expert installation and commissioning as well as competent after-sales service. As part of our pilot actions, SEBA Hydrometrie received 1:1 assistance by Dr.

Sonja Eser in assessing the circular opportunities and the linear risks of their business operation. On the risk-to-opportunity map the company was classified as a frontrunner with a Circular Business Model already in place. The company has already moved beyond mere compliance and eco-efficiency towards Circular product innovation and a first circular business model. Circular design strategies for their flow measurement products are already being applied. They are optimized for repairability and follow a modular design so that parts can easily be exchanged or upgraded. Additionally, SEBA Hydrometrie operates a service network in Europe, refurbishes returned products and keeps them in use e.g. for measurement campaigns. With specific, regional customers their products are already used as rental equipment. This is identified as a first circular business model on a small scale. As main areas for improvement Dr. Sonja Eser found the scaling of existing circular design and business model approaches.

With the existing circular product design, the experience in the field of rental and the established service technician network, SEBA Hydrometrie could expand this circular business model even further. Only small changes seem to be necessary, such as informing & approaching customers and having service technicians proactively take back used appliances.