France Construction designs and produces damping materials to cover all the risks in playgrounds, gyms, shooting ranges or industry since 1997. France Construction started reflecting on the impact of sustainability several years ago. They already used recycled (and recyclable) rubber. The company recycles around 800 000 used tyres per year and gives them a second life. France Construction wishes to close the loop and move up the value chain by recovering, grinding and recycling rubber waste. The objective is to avoid their disposal in landfill sites, strengthen their expertise on recovering and recycling of rubber waste as well as secure their supply chain.


What assistance did it get?

France Construction attended the online webinar “circular industry”. At the end of it they left with:

  • • The keys to understand, rethink and accelerate their transition toward circular economy thanks to the online workshop
  • • A diagnostic report on their circular and digital maturity
  • • Information on the Circular4.0 project

Afterward they applied to be part of the program consisting in two parts:

  • • one-to-one workshop to identify and validate the sources of circularity in their organisation and business model or an assessment of the potential of the transformation project, and design an action plan
  • • 5 days of consulting to implement one priority action


Which results did it reach?

At the end of the Circular4.0 coaching program, the company had a complete business plan to validate the technical and economical aspects of the project. France Construction met with the national agency for environment (ADEME) and Région Sud to present their project in order to improve potential aspects and look for potential funding sources. Finally, they joined the “Green Rooster community”, a network created by the Bpifrance and ADEME to foster ecological transition.